Athena at 2 Months

  • Starting to track objects/people with her eyes
  • Looks at faces and world around her
  • Becoming quite the chatterbox — cooing and gahing up a storm
  • Does the happy infant dance (waving arms and legs up and down at the same time)
  • Staying awake and alert for better chunks of time
  • Prefers to be held facing out when active, or in cradle for snuggle
  • Still sleeping with me most of the time in bed
  • Won’t take a bottle to save her life
  • Losing some of the hair on the back of her head (getting rubbed off)
  • Goes to bed around 10, wakes between 2-4 to eat, and then 6-7. Takes a long morning nap, and a long afternoon nap.
  • Getting into 3-6 month clothing
  • Not always the best carseat companion
  • Can sleep through almost anything at home
  • Head control is 75% established (as in can hold her head up pretty good, but wobbly)
  • Hates tummy time

Looking forward to seeing how much she has gained tomorrow at her 2 month appointment.

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