It’s late, I’m tired and should be in bed so…another edition of tidbits

  • I am new to Ebay looking for Schleich plastic animals for Morella’s birthday/Christmas presents. These figurines are so expensive new, I thought I would try to find a way to get more for our money and gently used are okay with us. Tim hates Ebay though and said to look at Amazon. I don’t know. I’ll give it a shot..or at least watch it.
  • Today was a pretty rotten day. I’m still sick. Morella was up all last night and made Tim sleep in the room with her on the trundle bed. Athena was restless and snacked alot last night then threw up on me this morning.
  • Went to the doctor to have them look at Morella’s ears and throat to find an explanation to her night crying and whining. She did have a low grade fever last night too… but nothing, everything looks clear and dandy. She weighed 22.4 pounds. She has gained no weight in the last two and half months. She has barely been eating anything the last couple of days. The doctor said it could be a mild virus.
  • I put dirt along side the house and threw down a bunch of daffidils and tulips in a lazyman’s attempt at rain garden. I hope that the dirt and flowers help prevent leaking into the basement. I guess we’ll see come spring.
  • Morella is spending her first night in her “big girl bed.” I transitioned her crib into a toddler bed tonight. She was excited and happy to go to bed in it. So far she hasn’t gotten up to knock on the door or knock anything down. We’ll see how the night goes and the morning.
    It just wasn’t going to work to wait to put her into the trundle bed. She loves her crib too much for that to happen so we need a bridge.
  • Tim and I are reading 1, 2, 3 Magic to learn a discipline method for Morella (and later Athena). Morella is getting to that age where it’s necessary. I feel a little sad about it because it means the honey moon period is over of just loving our daughter and offering praise is over…now the harder stuff comes into play. Just gotta remember that establishing these rules early on means we’ll be better parents and have better adjusted kids in the long run.
  • We need more DVD’s. I think if anyone is going to buy Morella something for her birthday it should be some kid friendly DVD’s — maybe little kid classics… like… I don’t know. What do kids like these days? The only thing we have is The Nightmare Before Christmas which I tried today and was deemed to be too scary.
  • Today was just very hard, and I’m glad it’s done. Now to bed.

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