So like, even though I am only about 10 pounds from my prepregnancy weight — I might as well be a hundred pounds when it comes to clothes looking good on me. I know that most women talk about having that extra tummy fat from having more than one baby. I know it, and even though I know it, I didn’t think it would happen to me. Especially after Morella I essentially went back to my normal size…though I think it realistically took about six months instead of two and half.

My problem is pants. The fat pants I have fit. Except, that there is this … belly pudge that pops out and is just there looking all rolly polly and muffin like. I hate it. I have always hated that an despise low rise pants for that very reason. It is also the culprit to me wearing “granny pants” in terms of underwear. I can pull those up and they smooth everything out. If you are wearing normal women’s pants it’s not a problem. But if you are wearing “woteen” (combination of woman and teenager) clothes then you have a problem and an outright emergency if your shirt happens to show the travesty of your underwear outranking your pants.

Alternatively I can’t wear bigger pants that cover the extra fat because if I do then they fall down. I become that person who is trying to constantly hike up her pants without anyone noticing. I refuse to wear maternity pants ever again…besides they had the hiking up problem long before I had this dilemma.

So here I am. Stuck. I am going to need to lose even more weight than before for my pants to fit right again. Or will they ever fit right? Or do I just need to give it the full six months until then and be thankful that cold weather is here and I can just hide the blueberry muffin with sweaters.

(Pats self on back for blueberry muffin remark because of stretchmarks resembling..oh forget it).

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  1. Sleep late... dream more.

    belts help with the bigger pants ;) especially if they're cool belts with metal-y bits on them. I find I can stop the pants from falling down and keep them roughly where I wanted them in the first place with a good belt. For me, the hard part is getting used to more pressure on my stomach than just a pair of pants.Also – that's awesome that you're only 10 pounds away!!! good work! :) :) :)

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