It is always amazing what a good nights sleep can do to your perception and gas tank. Athena slept well too — as did I. I woke up lopsided though and the left side was so full she couldn’t latch on until a couple ounces were drained off. Yikes! I had thought she had slept through the night, but Tim reminded me that she started the night off in the cosleeper.

We walked to the grocery store on Tuesday and Morella found a freshly raked pile of leaves she just had to jump in. Her first jump in leaves…aww. I would prefer that she jump in the crapload of leaves we have in our back yard. Free of dog pee.

From Wednesday’s Perfect Fall Day. Too bad Athena’s eyes are shuttered in this pic. There is only so much you can see on your cell phone camera and keeping them both still for the moment.

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