Thanks for the suggestions Rachel. The back rash is definitely acting different than the front one. I decided that the itching was worth taking a wal-dryl and risking a drop in milk supply (though kellymom says it’s safe and shouldn’t be a problem). I also made sure to drink some extra water.

I went to a Halloween party thrown by the Eastside Mom’s club and it was chaos! Imagine 25+ kids under the age of 5 and their mothers and .. well maybe you can picture it. Lots of screaming, crying, yelling, shrieking, laughing etc. Morella did okay at first but then got overwhelmed when they started whacking the pinata. Ha ha. I think she had fun and I was super glad to go home to enjoy a quiet afternoon to myself while they napped. Except, Morella decided she didn’t need a nap and Athena didn’t go down until around 2:30. Ugh. So much for quiet time to myself. :P

I was really proud of myself for going to that party too because I filled the car with gas, and then drove to an unfamiliar place following directions given to me by Tim over the cell phone because stupid google just kept printing the interstate version of directions instead of the backroad version. I don’t like going on the interstate for around town type things (even if it’s the next town over). I prefer to keep the interstate for bigger road trips. I had to pull over twice to confer with Tim about directions, but eventually I found it. Getting home was no big deal – I am really good at remembering how to get back. So yeah … *pats self on back* I am one step closer to the ultimate freedom. Ha. No really, I’m serious. It’s conquering fear. Two years ago I never would have dreamed of making that drive by myself with two kids in the car, much less put gas in it.

I got another package in the mail from Carrie for Morella. She opened it up to reveal a super cute cat. She loves cats and immediately hugged it and carried it around for awhile. We watched some YoGabba while I made some phone calls to potential Mother’s Helpers. I really need to take my ad down now. In less than 24 hours, I have more than enough qualified applicants. I have set up two interviews — one for Saturday and one for next Tuesday. I hope that is all I need. I wish I could hire them all — well the qualified ones anyway. Posting on the local university job board was definitely the way to go. :D

For November I am not going to do NaNoWriMo. I think attempting that three years in a row is plenty enough – after all I never accomplished the goal anyway. The closest I got was 33K words the first year. No this year I am going to do NaBloPoMo -National Blog Posting Month. Basically — you post every day.

Aww geez. It’s after 12. I gotta go to bed. I did enjoy reading this article about Breastfeeding in the Land of Genghis Khan.

Lastly, here is a picture of Morella and her new furry feline friend.

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  1. Rachel

    I hope the benadryl works. For me it took about 3 days and the rash got significantly better. I didn't realize that it affected your milk supply though. Good luck!!!

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