I am sitting here on the eve of Tim’s annual migration to the West. He is leaving for an SQL conference in Seattle early tomorrow morning. I helped him make two bug T-shirts tonight and he is all packed. Now he is in the living room playing a video game to relax because I wouldn’t let him play accordion so late after the girls went to bed. If he plays right when they go down I don’t have a problem with it, but when it’s after they have been sleeping for awhile then I get a bit edgy.

I almost forgot to post tonight (NaBloPoMo) because I am already feeling sorry for myself. :P I sort of feel like a pioneer woman out in the plains with two small chillin’s while her husband is out on a week long hunting trek. I know it’s better than those women have. I have friends, the internet, electricity, modern luxuries, etc, but hey I can still *feel* like that right? If the girls weren’t here, I would probably be going with him like I used to when we were in Chicago. But I wouldn’t give up the girls for anything.

So yeah. Yesterday was awesome. It was Morella’s first real Halloween and she had a blast trick or treating — even learning to say trick or treat. Though she said it as we walked up to the house when no one else could hear it, then stood like a deer in headlights as the Candy Handers dumped handfuls of candy into her bucket. She did at wave bye bye consistently though. I’ll write about it more this week when I have the time. Probably tomorrow when everyone is in bed and the wind is howling outside in the deep, dark night while I huddle next to the warmth of the laptop in bed while my baby lies next to me and the other dreams in her toddler bed.

My friend Jess isn’t coming into town to help and keep me company until Tuesday afternoon/evening. So I have a full day of doing it myself. I know. Wah. But hey it’s a first for me and I really depend on Tim to help me out in the mornings by taking Morella while I handle Athena (and sleep in a little bit). In fact, I am so used to it that I often wake up when their breakfast is done. I am going to have to the baby monitor back in her room so I can hear in the morning. Hopefully Athena will comply by sleeping through that.

I feel a little sorry for Jess too because my house looks like a natural disaster happened (toddler + baby + Halloween = MESS!). I hope she thinks it’s as much fun as I do to help other people clean their houses.

Alright I gotta go to bed. We have to wake everyone up at 6:00 tomorrow and be out the door by 6:30 …or even earlier? Oh man…we are always late and have been getting up at 8:00 the last couple of weeks. This is going to SUCK!

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