Dear CTA,

I would like to request that the CTA change their purple line schedules on weekday mornings to reflect the TRUE time the purple line runs. For example, the 503 is *supposed* to be at Howard at 8.33. However, to this date, I have never seen such a miracle. Then there is a legend that one arrives at 8.35 (two minutes after…I would love to one day see this magical beast, but since it is stuck behind the 503..well, I will never know).

I propose you be honest to your customers! Tell them that they cannot expect a train after the 8.25 for a good twenty to thirty minutes (if you’re lucky). Regardless of how much you pay that man to lie and say “The purple line has been delayed and will arrive in the next five minutes.” Which is adding insult to injury because by the time he gets around to that announcement it is already ten minutes late.

If you do not care to reprint your publications to reflect the actual schedule of the CTA, then might I suggest taking a train from the yards at 8.35 to ensure that one is always there.


Another Disenchanted Purple Line Rider

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