Three kids under the age of two — total chaos! My goodness.

Jess arrived late last night while my friend Sigrid was over visiting. She came in with a groggy and overtired 18 month old and our first priority was to go to bed so that we could start today off well.

I woke up feeling like I had a hangover, which I realized later was because I had a glass of red wine. Ugh. No more red wine ever. I hate headaches and if I can avoid them, then by golly I will. And that glass was early with a big dinner — yikes. Thankfully it was something a little aspirin was able to fix.

We had breakfast and then went outside and played in the backyard. Had lunch and then put everyone down for a nap – the only one who really took a nap was Emma. Morella decided she didn’t need one and Athena has only catnapped all day.

After “quiet time” we put carseats into Jess’s van and then headed over to Olbrich for Thursday afternoon playdate, followed by snacks at Ann’s. It was warm respite and then rushed home for dinner, bath, naked time (for the kids), and then story time for Morella and Athena and songs for Emma. At 8:30 — all children were successfully crashed out. THANK GOD!

Tim comes home tomorrow. I can’t wait!

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