Big sigh of relief. Tim is home. I am so ready for things to settle down a little bit and get back to normal. This week was definitely chaotic to say the least. I have a headache that I can’t kick today so I am going to leave you with this little story from yesterday. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

It was the afternoon nap time. Morella lay in her bed yapping and singing and not sleeping and I was in the bedroom with Athena. I had just fed her, and as per post feeding we were spending some Mommy/Athena time. I lay on my back with knees up and my head propped with a pillow and Athena will sit on my stomach. She used to lay back on my knees like a bouncy chair but lately has wanted to sit more than lay back. Well, there she was sitting and I patted her back to get a good burp. We were talking to each other, smiling and she let out a good burp.

“Oh what a good burp!” I cooed, a big smile on my face. “Such a good burp from such a good girl!” She smiled, open mouthed. I held her sides with my hands and leaned her in to me for a big kiss.

“What a wonderful little …” and she puked. “Oh my god!”

She spit up into my face, into my mouth, on my cheek, down the sides of my neck, into my hair and I lay there stunned. I tasted the sweet milk and also the acid of curdled milk.

“Oh my god,” I said over and over. She looked at me quizzically and smiled. “Ahhh!” she said.

“Oh my god,” I repeated. Jessie came down the hall to see what the fuss was about, and I asked her to hand me a towel. She did and I said “Athena just puked into my mouth.”

She laughed and said “Wait until you have a little boy and they pee in your mouth!”


Yeah. So there we have it. A defining moment in motherhood, never to be forgotten.

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