It occurred to me that I hadn’t posted photos of the girl’s Halloween costumes here! Whoops! In my defense, this last week has been a lot busier than I thought it would be.

In other news, I have a rash now that has spread to my legs. It itches and I have no idea what’s going on. The best I can think of is that we are using a different fabric softener. So I just rubbed a bit on the inside of my arm and am now waiting to see if I get a reaction so I can at least rule that out. I think I might have to make a doctors appointment to get some help on this. I have never had skin problems before in my life, so this totally stinks. I hate going to the doctor. Sure I have been there more times than I have ever thought possible in the last three years but that was because of the kids. Ugh. Yucky yuck yuck.

Tim’s parents came today to visit. They came during nap time so both were sleeping for most of it. Tim’s Mom Sharon rolled up her sleeves upon coming in and asked how she could help. I told her about the basement project and how I want to make the bar room into a winter playland area for Morella and Athena (later on). One of the things that needed to be done was to take down five years worth of boxes in the storage room and clear it out so that I could move in other storage items that are in the bar. In about an hour she and I managed to take down all the boxes, bring them up and clear out the junk. There is still some garbage items that have to go up but it’s starting to feel like a doable project! I have to sweep and mop both areas because there are water stains and god knows what else from the flooding two years ago to make it all sanitary and clean, but I can do it! I have three weeks until Morella’s birthday to do this.

I forgot to give them a bunch of pictures before they left though. :( The sending out pictures project has been on the back burner since going to the post office can be such a hassle during the day. But wait, I have a mother’s helper now! Now I *can* go to the post office during an afternoon nap to send pictures, packages or whatever. Oh this is great. :D

Tonight I just feel itchy, fat, and tired. I couldn’t figure out the tired thing until I was talking with my Mom who in the hospital again because of a bladder and kidney infection. I had taken a benedryl earlier in an effort to combat this spreading rash. I don’t know if it helped that much. I guess maybe it did because I didn’t’ itch all afternoon, but I did get really tired and feeling quite useless. I also found out that taking aspirin isn’t recommended for breastfeeding women. It’s a level 3, use with caution drug. Well nuts. Sometimes acetaminophen doesn’t cut it for headaches. It’s times like this I look forward to when nursing is done, but overall nursing is pretty awesome.

Athena is three months old today! Tim said he woke up from his nap this morning with moist little fingers exploring his face and huge gummy smile from our little VEG (Vaguely Ethnic Baby). She has really started to use her hand to bat at things and grab. Now she she grabs my shirt when she nurses and Tim said she grabbed Morella’s hair earlier today. She turns her head quite purposefully to look at things and really likes to sit up. We haven’t gotten another laugh out of her that any of us created. But Morella didn’t laugh with purpose (or at all) until she was 4 months on the dot. Athena has another month to go. I feel like at three months her newborn days are done and she has fully entered the world of Baby. Aww. It sure went fast. I look forward to seeing how she grows — she loves to talk to people and is so thoughtful and happy.

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