Okay, I know you are sick of hearing about this. But I really do think I have the mystery rash solved — it’s not ringworm, it’s not PUPPS, it’s really probably eczema — just like Hilary had suggested at the start. The first rash on my breast really started when I visited my Mom and had probably the most stressful day since Morella’s hospitalization episode. Now the rash is all over my legs, my back, my neck, my arms and all happened after Tim being gone for a week. I got some good tips from Hilary on how to treat it and will start ASAP — still take a claritin and yes, I will still make a doctors appointment. But you know, since this isn’t urgent it will probably take two weeks to get in.

The MH (mother’s helper) started today — and was here for three hours. I am only hiring four hours a week, the next hour will be tomorrow — at which point I plan on running some errands without kids or at the very least with Athena. I was *finally* able to cancel my Y membership. My last day of use is December 25th, and the woman said that my reasons were valid (very young children and H1N1/flu/cold concerns in their daycare). Then Karen took Morella off to the blue park and I stayed back to keep cleaning the kitchen which didn’t get far because Athena woke up and I spent time with her while watching the last of Ellen and Oprah. Now that was having some me time. :D It reminded me of the good old days when it was just Morella, me and Voyager. Ahh…. Anyway. Sure I did errands and cleaned but it was so nice to be able to do that, and especially have Athena all to myself for a few hours in the day. I think it was time well spent.

Athena has her first nickname! “Nena” says Morella when asked who the baby is. This week are working on her knowing what her name is. So far she is great at saying Mommy/Momma, Daddy, Baby (and just learned Nena today) but won’t say her own darn name! Come on kid!

Alright. I gotta go an take that lukewarm shower. :P

ETA: Maybe it’s psychological but after the lukewarm shower, not drying off and slathering anti-itch cream followed by an ungodly amount of eucerin (and using Dove sensitive skin soap which we thankfully had lying around the house) — this is the most relief I have had all day. *crosses fingers*

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  1. Laura

    I'm sorry, I haven't followed the saga of the rash closely, but I have REALLY sensitive skin. I am allergic to lots of laundry detergents, lotions, soaps. I'm even allergic to Eucerin, because it has mineral oil in it.Dove sensitive skin soap is the only bar soap we use. I can use some lotion soaps, but I only use Jason brand. Lotion, I use Nature's gate Colloidal Oatmeal. It seemed pricey, but after buying 3 bottles of cheaper stuff and breaking out in a rash, I realized it was less expensive to get the stuff that wouldn't make me itch. When I had PUPPPs, I used Nature's Gate Tea Tree lotion–it has a cooling sensation. I haven't taken Claritin. I did take Zyrtec for years and years, which helped massively with my respiratory allergies, but if I didn't take it every 24 hours, it made me itch more (which ended with 3 weeks of itching when I stopped taking it in September).I use only unscented laundry detergent and NO dryer sheets. Right now I'm using All Free, but any thing that says hypoallergenic is usually okay. (but not natural– I learned that mistake when I used an eco-friendly scented brand).If you call the doctor for terrible itching, it is not hard to make it sound urgent! When I had a reaction to some detergent, they saw me pretty quickly and gave me a huge VAT of cream to put on the itches.Also, I've also heard California Baby helps. I have some, and I'm not allergic to it, but it's not that great for dry skin.I've also had itchy spots from a skin yeast infection– I had been putting corn starch on an itchy spot, and it got worse, because yeast loooooves corn starch. Lilia didn't say her name till when… I hope I wrote it down somewhere. She was over 2. She could say other kids names, but not her own. Now she can write it. (Although Morella will be harder to write than Lilia!)

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