Day 10 — or the Ten Minute Wonder Post

This process of clearing up eczema is some pretty slimy stuff. Ugh. BUT after I took a shower last night and coated myself in thick goop I wasn’t that itchy. I added more per Village Dr. Samsa this morning and indeed felt much better. The rash was greatly reduced, though the itching started to return later in the evening. Just gotta remember that she should it should clear up in about a week. I hope so! I already feel better, so that’s good.

It’s late so, in classic tidbit style.

–Swept and mopped kitchen and living room floor — boy howdy did that need it.
–Made a sausage, corn and black bean dinner — Morella ate the corn, we ate everything else.
–Made a black bean pumpkin soup
–Tim peeled a bunch of apples and I sliced them for apple crisp tomorrow
–Put dishes in dishwasher
–Washed some dishes
–Did a load of laundry
–Even put some of that previous laundry away
–Bought Athena a Sophie the Giraffe (something I had wanted to get for Morella but too late…though Morella played with it…er rather gnawed on it).
–Had a Cheer the heck up lunch for Morella at Milo’s. That girl LOVES subs.
–Napped in the afternoon with Athena
–Morella was up at 6 this morning crying. Tim went and eeked out another hour of sleep by sleeping in her room on the pull out bed.
–Athena was up a lot last night eating, eating and more eating. At one point I she was getting angry with my left side and I was so tired I thought “Geez kid, there’s nothing left. Sorry!” and then remembered I had another side. That finally put her to sleep. She has been eating all day. I don’t feel like I ever got full of milk at all today. It was all keeping up with her — is there a three month growth spurt? [Quick google checks confirms a 3 month growth spurt]
–I have been eating oatmeal the last two mornings in an attempt to keep up with her, and to try and not snack so much during the day. You know, good hearty breakfast and all]
–I even got a little writing done in my journal
–Karen called sick today. She’s gonna help on Friday when Tim does a well deserved after work beer from 5-6.
–We have guests tomorrow night for dinner — we haven’t had people over for dinner (other than pizza) since well before Athena. Having folks over is something we are going to try and start doing again. It’s a cheap, easy to do with kids, way to connect with friends.
–Tim’s Birthday is on Saturday. What should the kids get him? Hm.

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