What do you get a kid on their anniversary of the worst ear infection ever?

You guessed it. Another bad ear infection. :(

On the bright side (if there is one) at least this year she was able to tell me what was wrong by pointing to her ear and saying “owie.” She also said she wanted to go to the doctor and was very upset with the 30 minute wait in urgent care. She kept pointing to the offices in the waiting room and saying “owie” over and over. Finally, at 9:00 we were home with a prescription. Her motrin wore off after only three hours and we have been taking turns sitting at her bedside. Tim is going to sleep in her room with her until her time is up for another dose…which is now.

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    Oh no…uh…let's hope there's no repeat celebration of the norovirus!Poor little one. But thank goodness she can tell you more specifically what's wrong now. I hope she's feeling better soon and you guys get some real rest.–SECP

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