My bangs are getting shaggy. I am fighting the urge to cut them though. I have had bangs my whole life, and have never been without them. I know I have a high forehead, but so do other people like Sade, Christina Ricci, that girl from garbage , etc. Sometimes I wish it was the middle ages, where I would be in style. But then again, I would probably be miserable like most of the population back then. Regardless of what romance books say (which is ironic because they heroine is always rich, but then again who would want to read about the miseries of being poor. The closest you want to get to that is commenting on the poor and how sad it is, while your carriage drives you to the grand ball).

So now I have caught up with most of everything and should be writing since I didn’t feel like doing it last night. Instead I felt like curling up in the warm bed with some kitties, watching bad TV and ordering in until Tim came home. Oh wait..that isn’t true. Let me start earlier. Went to the dentist at 3:00 and got two cavities filled. She said there was nothing she could do about the wisdom tooth unless I wanted to go an oral surgeon (not enough of it was out yet) but that it was growing in straight. I said I would toughen up. (ouch). That got done by four and I left with strict instructions not to eat or drink coffee for an hour or so until the novacaine wore off. I asked if it would be okay to have a beer and she said yes. I took the train home, dumped my stuff off at the apartment and then went to vote. After the voting, I took my ticket thing to the Lighthouse and got a free beer. There I had a conversation, who is an exchef now boat repairer, who was doing his laundry. He told me that to be an artist you have to do lots of it and lots of it is going to be shitty. Nice. After my pep talk, I decided to take a nap before Buffy. Took a nap…woke up..watched Buffy, and then decided I wanted to just curl in bed and watch more TV rather than drag myself to the cold, empty computer. Then Tim came home and we went to bed early, cos we were tired.

Tonight is a gamer night. So I will be in the bed room and writing. Just like I am going to try and do at least an hour of it now. Yeah. When the heck is Xtian gonna post again? I want to hear about how San Jose went!

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