It’s days like these that blogging every day is kind of hard – but I’m doing it by gum. The morning started out okay. Tim spent the night with Morella and she got up only once at 5:30 at which point he gave her some tylenol. Morella managed to make it until 11 before her next dose with one small 30 minute self administered nap. Then when she was feeling better we went to HyVee for lunch and to get 2.25 pounds of king crab legs for only $17!!!! The food was pretty good too, great price. My only complaint was that it went cold rather fast, but that could also be because I screwed around after it was on my plate getting a little fruit salad together for Morella.

Athena slept, and we enjoyed our lunch, and after a little shopping (crab legs, donuts – she picked out one with sprinkles, 100 calorie packs — which are the perfect size and variety for toddler snacks, death valley chipotle potato chips, and pumpernickel bread) we went home. Morella decided she didn’t need an afternoon nap and instead I managed to get her to spend some time on the couch cuddling with me while reading Baby Bug magazines. Eventually she did go lay down in her bed for a quick cat nap and gave me 20 glorious minutes of overlapping peace and quiet which I used to furiously write in my journal and try to change my attitude about the day. I mean, you can either think the whole sucks because she is sick and whiny, and Athena is her cute little baby self needing her baby needs and Tim was rumored to be sick and I had a small case of the sniffles or I could just roll up my sleeves and get through it. After all, you can’t have the awesome days unless you have days like this, right?

She was up at 5 and asking for food. I had to hold her in the kitchen and feed her bites of cut up pear, blueberry cream cheese and honey before she wanted to go back to bed. Tim came home around then and the rumor of him being sick was true. I haven’t seen him this wrecked in a long time. His nose was already the color of rubies, his eyes were watering and every one of his sneezes made Athena jump with a look of “what the heck was that?” etched on her face. Morella didn’t go back to sleep but instead go more and more irritable and short fused. When she melted down about me not taking her to the basement I decided to take her temperature. She looked flush and felt warmer to the touch. Her temp was 102.7, and that was three hours after a tyelnol dose! We gave her Motrin and waited. An hour later it was down to 101.9 and then an hour after that it was 101.9 — so no change.

Do I need to say that this is going to be a long night?

What a lousy start to Tim’s birthday. I was even going to take the girls out tomorrow morning so he could sleep in, but I can’t do that now. He’s stuck with us. I really hope Athena doesn’t get this.

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