A quick and easy way to post is to post some photos. Athena once again didn’t go to bed until after 10. At least tonight I saved myself a lot of frustration by handing her off to Tim when I knew she wasn’t hungry and just going about my evening trying to fit in a few things I wanted to get done. The “white board – door” is working! I still need to work kinks out of it though.

I went for a long walk today with Morella and Athena, but first it started at the park. Morella wanted to swing and in order to lift her into the swing I had to put Athena somewhere. I considered the ground but then decided the other baby swing would suffice. It turned out to be Athena’s first swing ride! Awww…

I liked the second picture because it captured how the sun feels to us — apocalyptic. Much like the background.

Morella and her “Fox Hat.” It was missing for a couple of days there but I refound it in the double stroller. Morella’s other favorite hat is the duck hat. Animal themed hats are all the rage with toddlers.

My friend Carrie send a serious of wonderful packages to Athena and Morella. One of them contained this super soft, adorable kitty cat. Here we see Morella hugging the kitty and watching a Yo Gabba Gabba short.

Last week as Morella was being overly sensitive (the ear infection was starting) I had taken her to Happy Bambino to buy Athena a Sofie the Giraffe. She started to melt down as we were leaving the store and a Milo’s is right there. I asked her if she wanted a snack and she said yes. We went in there and she ended up eating lunch and enjoying herself immensely. She really likes to go out to eat, and she really loves subs.

Anyway. After the park I decided to go for a long walk to try and get that massively painful sinus gunk out of my head. I walked over to Ann’s and Morella and Noah had a quick lunch before I headed back. One block from the house they both started fussing, and ten minutes later everyone was asleep for a super long nap. It was totally awesome. I am thinking of taking these jokers for a long cold walk everyday!

Okay bedtime.

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