Two year visit: Morella

Our clinic just switched over to WHO standards for weight/height/head. What does that mean? It means Morella is back on the charts!

She did lost weight since last Thursday because of this weekends illness and lingering effects (which was also the explanation for her continued crankiness). She was 21.12 this time around. Boo. Even so…

21lbs 12 oz – 15% on the weight for age
34.5″ = 72% height for age
42″ = 48% circumference of head

However, she is lower in weight for height which drops her down to 2%. She is tall and lean, as the doctor said and following her curves perfectly and is just further reinforcement that it’s genetic. I spoke with SIL Sarah last night about Zeland’s weight at the 2 year and she said he was about 22-23 pounds. So the same as Morella, and that eventually he gained more closer to three years. I was also surprised to learn that Moslee had dropped down in the charts too to closer match her brother. I wonder if the same will happen with Athena? Right now she is tanker among babies. :)

Oh and I totally won Mom of the Year award for stepping away from Athena while she was on the examining table to get some hand sanitizer while the Doctor was in the room. She then said “oh don’t leave the baby unattended!” and quickly stepped over to an inert, lump of a baby who was staring at the ceiling. Not moving.

That is totally okay to do at home but NOT in the public eye! [1]

Anyway. Her ears were looking much better, and while she was in the room Morella became a cheerful, little frog hopping around the floor and showing off in front of the doctor. A complete 180 from the toddler I had one hour ago at home and called Tim to help me at the doctors office because I was afraid I couldn’t handle both if Athena woke up — which she did.

Yeah essentially what she said was that she still probably has lingering effects from the nasty cold we all had, still sounds a little congested, and just needs another week or two to get over it. To be fair, Tim and I both are experiencing some heavy duty sinus pressure and stuffed up ness from this cold. It’s fair to assume that Morella is feeling the same way. Still. As nice as it is to get a clean bill of health for Morella, and learn that she is on the charts again and completely normal — I wanted an answer for this crankiness. Morella is like the actress in those infomercials where the announcer says “Can’t open that pesky bottle? Put your pants on? Put that juice box on the table?” and it shows the actress fumbling around trying to such tasks only to give up in a crying heap? “Well we got the answer for you!”

Except there is no answer but time. Also her vaccines are being delayed a month because of the cold and her getting the H1N1 less than a month ago.

Thankfully both kids fell asleep on the way home and I was able to do a successful transfer in putting them to bed. Athena needed an extra long nursing session, but success was had. Do I attempt a shower?

1. No it’s probably not okay to do at home either. :P

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