Ho boy. We bought Morella’s birthday presents today over at Toys R Us. It was crazy busy there! Apparently they started doing door buster type stuff this weekend. At least it was a nice day for it.

Anyway. Since Morella can’t read I am going to tell you what we got. Her Uncle Ben and Aunt Kelly sent along gift cards which bought Morella:
Happy Songs Coupe – Fisher-Price – Toys "R" Us

She saw us buy it and was very happy to leave the store with the box. It was something that has to be considered an “early birthday present,” because we put it together for her in the basement after her long nap. When she had gotten up she saw the box and recognized the car and remembered it! Anyway. Half of it was already assembled and it had no instructions, and the screws and caps were in a ziplock bag! Thankfully, every thing was there and with my expert, problem solving brain I was able to put it together. To say that she loves it is an understatement. It was sort of a last minute idea while we were wandering around the store trying to avoid getting run over by other shoppers. Tim had taken me back to see a foam easy chair for 40$ that Morella seemed to like when we saw the power wheels. I then remembered how much she loves those little red cars that the community center and her grandmother have so I asked a sales person where they might be. He showed me, we had Morella test drive a few models (the Little Tykes were too small) before we decided on this one — roomy, plays music, had a trunk, and a cup holder. Bonus it was on sale! So thanks Uncle Ben and Aunt Kelly!

As for us, we got her … uh oh. I am looking at the reviews for the shopping cart to go with the kitchen — and they are not favorable. I should try and assembling it tonight to see if it is indeed the garbage the say. Dang it.

We got her wooden cut able play food and two scheiss animals — a cat and a pony (she picked them out).

Before that, I had also gotten her a bucket of farm animals, and some kitchen accessories from Target. All in all, we are excited for to open them.

The bit of bad news today is that she won’t be getting her specialized fox themed birthday cake. My cake lady has had one of her troops fall ill with the H1N1 virus. All of you who were present last year for our memorable ‘rotovirus’ party favor will appreciate the the fact that we don’t want to make her 2nd birthday be the H1N1 party. So that means sheet cake. I wonder if I should get one from Hy-Vee…hmmm.

Mother’s Helper is coming over to help me do as much as I can in making the basement more fun, cleaning the house, etc. Tim has to work, so I appreciate the help more than you know.

Crap, we forgot to give Morella her medicine. I hate waking her up to do that. How many more days? Thursday … today will be the last dose. Thank goodness!

Sorry to cut this short!

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