This morning has been awesome. I got up at 10:00 AM, fully rested and made some pancakes, coffee and warmed up the leftovers of the worlds best burrito. I cleaned up the living room a bit, and even got Tim to vacuum it. Note to self, telling husband to vacuum right when it wakes up works miracles. I wonder what else I could get him to do. Hmm. Then I turned on the puter and updated the Halloween section from Callie’s party that she scanned for me, and now I am updating this while Tim takes a shower, and then we head out to Evanston to pick up his Mech 7 or whatever, and I get a disposable camera for our House on the Rock adventure!

Woo! Last night was a great start to our little vacation because we met up with Rachal and Mike, Callie and Zeman, Eric and Kate andErika at Nick’s Uptown. It’s nice to get together with friends and play a little pool. I had no idea that Zeman was such a pool shark. Geez!

I am off!

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