OH, I’m cutting it close to the wire! I had a lot to do this evening after Athena went down. I made and decorated a cake, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, did the dishes, cleaned the fridge, cleaned the table and counters, went to Woodman’s, put the food away, wrapped Morella’s presents, got the plates and snacks laid out for tomorrow morning and cleaned up the basement some more — oh and washed and dried the diapers. Whew! Now I am posting. I am having playgroup here at my house tomorrow morning bright and early at 9:00 in honor of Morella’s birthday. She is so in love with the basement playland and threw a huge tantrum because she had to eat dinner (second time). I am so glad that she likes it down there. I think it’s best birthday present we really could have given her — a whole area to play.

Crap. Athena is in the middle of the bed and Tim wants to go to sleep. I told him to move her over and be careful because I have to finish posting this by midnight.

In a few short hours from now, two years ago — Morella bounded into our lives and changed it forever.

I’ll give you a birth story tomorrow. Athena wants her Mommy.

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  1. Anonymous

    Holy COW that's a lot of chores to do before bedtime! A cake, even! I'm sorry your cakemaker has a sick family — the fox cake sounded delightful. Ah, well…there are many birthdays ahead.I can't believe Morella happened a solid two years ago. I was lurking on your blog, waiting for her to come. It passes by so quickly. Happy birthday, little gal!–SECP

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