Man for a minute there I thought I forgot to post yesterday! Whew!

Today was busy. Got up. Drove Tim to work. Stopped at Daisy Cupcakery afterward for breakfast with Morella and Athena. I asked Morella if she wanted to go home or to a coffee house and she said coffee house. We hadn’t left the house for two days…well wait no we left last night to pick up Tim but in that case Morella didn’t leave the car. She often wants to leave the house now to go to a “store.” Awww.

She behaved wonderfully and even ate some. This woman started talking to me when I was distracting Morella (at the end) with a dog tied to the front about the girls and how Athena looks like me. I had noticed her two girls and said that one looked like her father and one took after her as well and wondered at the age difference between and imagined that was how Morella and Athena would be when they are older. I asked if she was going to or having her own Thanksgiving with the family. She said she was from Seattle (speaking of which every time I talk to an out of towner it seems they come from Seattle). I said we were doing a day trip to my Mom’s because Morella isn’t good at sleeping in different places right now — especially hotels. She commented that later on she will love hotels. Ha ha I do believe that. I still like hotels.

Anyway. I asked her if she ever had any of her own Thanksgivings and she said a few when they couldn’t travel back. She asked if I had any and I said no. She asked if I looked forward to that, and I said “NO because it means someone will have died. So it’s a mixed bucket I guess.”

I took the kids home after that and got Athena to sleep in her cosleeper after two tries. I then played with Morella gave her lunch. She gobbled down her favorite food ever — Easy Mac and then took a nap. A nap that only lasted an hour before she woke up screaming hysterically. I went in there and tried to figure out what she wanted: milk? no. Pillow? No. Blankets? No. Lights? No. Door open? No. Washed hands (she was dry washing her hands). No. Finally I shut the door on her for five minutes hoping she would calm down enough to tell me what the heck she wanted. Five minutes passed and she kept screaming. So I went back in there and picked her up. I held her for about 10 minutes before sitting down and rocked with her for another 10 or 15. Then I took her back to her room and laid her down where she was quiet for another 20-25 and then got up. I don’t think she slept, she just needed quiet time.

But after that, whoa boy. She was a meltdown factory over every little thing. I despaired at how the rest of the evening was going to be as it was only 4:00 when I remembered … “Do you want to go to the basement?” She stopped whining/crying and said “Yeah” with that half desperate laugh that kids do. Off we went to the basement where we stayed until 6:30 with one break upstairs to change Athena’s diaper and get Morella her milk. She was very insistent that I not dally either.

At 6:30 I fed her canned chicken noodle soup, watermelon, salad (she likes it) feta, and sunflower seeds, while I had a salad and leftover strogonaff. Then Tim came home. He helped with Athena and Morella while I finished getting some recipes together for the food I am bringing tomorrow. Morella went to bed late at 8 because Tim was having fun playing with her and her cut-able wooden fruit. I meanwhile tried to put Athena down who was tired so I could get cooking. She would go down right away but then comfort suck. Every time I tried to leave she as crying within five minutes. Ugh!

Around 9 she was still up and Tim had to go and get Pluto. I had a few minutes to make the dairy free pumpkin pie while he got her so at least that was started. Then I popped in a movie – Rebecca and settled down on the glider with Athena. She nursed to sleep in less than three minutes. I rocked her for about 20 minutes before putting her to bed where she finally stayed asleep. She’s has that gunk in her head that is draining so she’s been really touchy lately.

Then I finished the pie, made peanut butter cookies, green bean casserole (with cheese) and a sweet potato casserole. There are some other things I would like to do, such as put together the stuff I want to bring my Mom because we are planning on leaving at 5:00AM to get the most driving time while children sleep. I know I won’t remember all that stuff tomorrow, so it’s best to just have it ready to pick up and walk out. I didn’t get Morella’s stuff though. I think I might just pack her clothes and have her change when we get to my Mom’s. Same with Athena…no wait, I have to change her because she is wearing a sleep sack. Nutz. Well that shouldn’t be a big deal. She’s easier to do than Morella.

And here I am posting. I am looking forward to being done with the posting every day thing. I have a feeling that some of you are looking forward to me being done with it as well.

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  1. Homemaker Man

    Hi Hadjare. Thanks for coming by and for reading. I'm glad something will come out of this nablopomo thing other than lost sleep. Some of the situations you find yourself in sound very familiar. The energy necessary for one baby multiplies exponentially for two. cool blog. Happy thanksgiving.

  2. Sleep late... dream more.

    no no no no no —- we're hoping that the end of november (and thereby daily posting) comes at like, the end of november 2010 (^_^) otherwise i wont' have anything interesting to read at work if you stop posting every day!!!!

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