I think 7 hours and some change of driving in one day is the limit for traveling with two young kids and their parents. We made it. We left at 7 this morning. Got there around 11ish and left at 5:30 when Morella said we had to go. Got home at 9:30. Put a weepy Morella to bed and nursed a very hungry Athena to sleep. I am tired too, but for the love of posting here I am quickly getting in a post before crashing myself. It just looks too good, especially since our alarm started going off at 4 this morning and I went to bed at midnight with no car naps.

All of my dishes were a hit — even my dairy free pumpkin pie which Tim said was too spicy (and Morella agreed by emphatically spitting it out and smooshing it into Tim’s outstretched hand). I left it all there including a dishtowel and took my dishes so we have no leftovers. I miss leftovers. :( Especially turkey because my stepdad Frank does such a great job at roasting a turkey. He also always tells the same joke every year about the gravy being lumpy and the mashed potatoes being smooth.

Morella got another birthday present — some pajamas sized 5T, two tinkerbell long sleeved shirts and a doll with hand made outfits. She has a ton more hand made outfits here that I bought home last time that I’m going to give her at Christmas. Truth be told, I think she is a bit too young to really appreciate all the awesome clothes and doesn’t know quite how to dress and undress dolls. I think I might put them all away after she gets them until she is old enough to appreciate the awesome.

I think it’s kind of sad of me to do this, but I feel like saving all the things that my Mom does for future gifts because she might not be around to give her more much longer. It’s kind of a way to leave a legacy or have her included in my daughters lives.

Ugh. Sleep. My eyes feel like glue. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Also my brother loved the shirt I got him “Got land? Thank an Indian.” I would have gotten it for myself except that I don’t like wearing statement T-shirts anymore. Plus, it looks better on him.

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