The Christmas shrub is still undecorated or even plugged in. I put the boxes on the back of the couch where Pluto sleeps to get them out of the way.

Sick is the order of the day. Yesterday I felt sniffily but just thought it was another stage of the great mucous evacuation from Tim’s cold the other week. As the night drew on, I realized that it was getting worse and my eyes were watering and bless it it all — it’s another freaking cold. :( Boo.

So today felt like pretty much of a waste. I took a nap. Canceled evening plans with an out of town family that I haven’t seen since August. Nursed a snacking and cat napping Athena all day. Watched Star Trek — pretty good movie! I almost felt like afterward that I wanted to call “them” up and say “Good job! Do another one!”


Athena is fussing at my side and won’t sleep unless I am holding her. Problem being I can’t hold her and type at the same time. Tim took Morella to the grocery store to buy some food and get her more milk. He had gone last night and had gotten her 8th Continent Vanilla Complete…which seems like it should be just like 8th Continent Vanilla Soy – -but it isn’t. For one it has 20 fewer calories per serving and only 10% more calcium and phosporus. What on earth do you need phosphorus for? Anyway. They were out of her usual so he tried subbing it. I tried giving it to her this morning and she took one sip, gave it a suspicious look and asked “What’s this?”

Can’t pull a fast one on her.

Okay Athena is still crying. I guess I have to hold her some more. We also got X-Men Wolverine today so maybe I’ll be watching that tonight since someone doesn’t think she can sleep without warm, comforting arms possible bouncing and probably the boob.

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  1. Anonymous

    It was good to see you and the kidelts, albeit briefly. I'm sorry I wasn't a very good conversationalist and forgot to wish you healthy before I left. My brain was Swiss cheese after a day of travel, relatives, and overtired little ones. (They did sleep for most of the trip back, thank goodness! Ruth started howling around Oshkosh, but a packet of Gerber fruit snacks fixed her up for the rest of the way.)Anyway — I wish you healthy!-SECP

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