I as going to do a big picture post but Athena isn’t feeling very well and is currently attached to my boob. So instead I am siting up in bed with one arm cradling her. She is starting to doze off now while comfort sucking while I peck this post out with my right hand. We think she has a sore throat because she will cry after swallowing sometimes, her voice is very hoarse, she will pop on and off any cry, and has been wanting to sip nurse a lot. Other than that there is no fever and bless her little soul–willl smile and be engaging. I gaver her second dose of tylenol ever about 15 minutes ago so hopefully that will kick in soon and she’ll start feeling better.

Today was one of those harder days. Morella woke up hysterical at 6 and wouldn’t settle back down. I went in there since I was up from just feeding Athena at 5:30 and read her a few books before laying down to warm up on her trundle bed. She never did go back to sleep and when Tim got up she went and had breakfast while I dozed a little longer.

The rest of the morning she would vacillate between being okay, clingy, demanding, sweet and short tempered. I shocked myself by getting us out the door and to the playgroup at Lazy Jane’s for brunch. I had a half caf while Morella clung to my knees for the most part when she wasn’t crying about other toddlers taking her toys or getting in her personal space. Thankfully Athena slept for most o..

Shit! A spider just dropped down beside me JUST as Athena finally went to sleep. I was incapacitated and so I called Tim in to take care of it for me. Hurry! Except he can’t hurry because he in the middle of some stupid game. Finally after ten years he comes in — angry with me for disturbing him and tries to pinch the spider mid air. Yeah like that is going to work. It falls down on me, narrowly missing Athena’s head by centimeters and then he frantically smashes down on the pillow where the spider might have fallen. Needless to say Athena is not asleep anymore and that is the end of this post. Stupid effing game. Now to try and put her to sleep again.

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