Back from our weekend vacation to House on the Rock. I am going to put together a little ‘report’ of how it went, complete with pictures sometime soon. First I have develop the film (I bought a disposable camera). Watched Angel tonight. Wow, good stuff. I would have to say, it is my favorite show in TV right now. I am looking forward to the Babylon Five DVD so I can watch something else that was supposed to be good (I have never seen it) in a complete season. We got back at two this afternoon and I watched a movie, and then tried to take a nap so that I could get to work on catching up with my word count for my novel. But Migo was loud and obnoxious as was the other two. She really punishes us for kenneling her in the kitchen while we are gone. She walks around mewling her head off for the rest of the day, and well into the night. There was no postal or email to speak of when we got back, but there was a message on the answering machine.

An old friend called to see how I was doing and left her number and said I should call. I don’t know though. I am honestly feeling right now…rather, questioning, I mean…*sigh.* I don’t know what I would say to my ghost from the past.

Tomorrow I am going to see 8 Mile with Callie, Zeman and Tim after work. At work, I have to completely pack up my entire office. How am I going to get any work done doing that? Then Tuesday I have to wait until the furniture is set up, and then unpack my stuff, and set my office up. Then Wednesday is the Baby shower for Holly (my boss). It has been kind of fun to see the whole pregnancy from the beginning with her, and listening to every gory detail and since she is going to be gone for three months afterward, at least show her that she does do a good job and that we do appreciate her. I hope it goes well.

But. As for now, I don’t feel like writing. Even though I should try for at least an hour. Every little word helps, right?

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