Morella had another night terror this morning at 5:00 ish. I sent Tim to handle it but he was way to grumpy and tired to do so. I guess that’s an after effect of us staying up past midnight like we are some plucky college students. :P I went in there and held her until she stopped crying, then put her down and sat there for a long time rubbing her back before moving to the trundle bed and settling down. We all fell sleep for another hour and half or so. I had a nightmare during that time of taking Morella to school in Baraboo. I awoke by hearing Athena cry. I wondered why Tim had taken her away from me to another room and was confused as to where I was when I woke up. It’s been awhile since that happened.

I’m feeling the effects of diminished sunlight. I have been feeling blue, lack luster and just no zip. I mean, it’s probably a bunch of things — someone being sick almost every single freaking day for November, Thanksgiving, Morella’s birthday, the cold and how much of a pain in the ass it is to take out two little kids who don’t like to be bundled up. Also maybe Athena not going down easily until 9:30 or so really makes it so that I have like an hour before I should go to bed. Lame.

The cure to the blues of course, is to get outside more often, get exercise, eat right and do some hobbies. None of which really seem feasible with the current situation. The only exercise I feel like I get is during Imagination Movers in the morning dancing with Morella “Turn around Turn around Turn around. We’re working hard and having fun, we celebrate when the day is done….”

Oh that Warehouse Mouse … he’s a hoot. You gotta love American Children’s programming. See, unlike the Wiggles, the Mover actually have a job. A work ethic, and according to Tim “They play better, non condescending music…

Oh geez, Athena is fussing. Probably has another full diaper and wants something to eat. Another day of changing diapers begins. BUT at least the living room is clean today! I cleaned last night after pulling myself up by my bootstraps.

I could use some pancakes.

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  1. Homemaker Man

    How cold is it there. If you have a baby bjorn, and it's not too frigid, you could bundle up both babies, but the little one in the bjorn, and then put your coat on over both of you. Keep her nice and snug. That's what I used to do. Then my two year old would do wel because she was bundled and running all over the place. I totally feel your pain.

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