In our first installation of St. Nick’s Day I wrapped Morella a deck of Holographic dog cards, a candy cane and a big foam dice in Kleenex and placed them on her shoes. She was very excited about the dog cards and even more excited about the two stupid cats in the deck that act the part of jokers. I *knew* I should have gotten the cat deck. :P Anyway. The candy lane lays on the floor by the door where her shoes were, as does the foam dice. We didn’t get Athena anything because you have to be able to wear shoes to participate.

Yeah we are mean like that. Whatever. They are mean too. Athena hasn’t been sleeping more than 30 minutes at a time and has been a bear to put to bed at night. Okay, she’s not at total bear but she won’t go down easily. I’d like to blame sleep regression at 4 months but come on, they are still working the whole thing. Four months isn’t that old. Even though it does seem kind of old when you think that in two months she is going to be eating people food and maybe sitting on her own. Yikes!

Morella is definitely in the “trying two’s.” There was a moment today where Tim and I were fighting, both kids were crying, I was ready to walk out the door and then I had a moment of clarity. They are just kids. Little kids at that. Why was I getting so upset? Because I wasn’t getting the time I wanted on the computer to futz with our holiday family photo, and because they weren’t doing what I wanted them to — sleep? Morella’s nap was only 45 minutes and of course Athena was howling after just 30 minutes for me to get her. As soon as I realized that I should just let go and embrace (cheesy as it sounds) the “now” then I all of a sudden felt much better. Maybe these important projects will get done or maybe not. But I can feel crabby about not getting me time while at work or I can just accept that the kids are crying and need me and it’s my job to make it all better. Or at least try. Either way the projects won’t get done because I am taking care of little ones who are still pretty demanding and time intensive.

After that, the rest of the day went much better. I think it’s the happiest I have been all week! What a relief. I even managed to bake the Russian Tea cakes tonight, and go to the grocery store. Tim asked me if I was going to go just as I was preheating the oven after putting Athena down for a third time (she just need a pat on the chest) and then went on about the snow. It’s coming after midnight and is going to be pretty much nonstop until Thursday morning. By the end of the week we should have a foot of snow, or so the weatherpeople would have us believe. A dire warning such as this cannot be ignored! I immediately donned my coat and headed out to the grocery store still wearing my pajamas’s and an awful fleece snow themed, grandma type top that was thankfully covered up by my coat.

I personally dislike seeing folks wearing pajamas’s at the store because they are usually skulky teens. I just sort of hoped that no one would notice and better yet no one would know me. Just my luck as I was looking in the soup aisle for cream of chicken that a man says to me “You are wearing pajamas’s.”

“Uh yeah…” I shuffle forward embarrassed. At least I put real shoes on! “It’s supposed to start snowing so my husband asked me to go out and stock up on the essentials.”

“I like pajamas” he replied. “They are cute. Hey Linda, aren’t those pajamas’s cute?” He asked his african american wife suitably dressed in a long coat and real pants.

“Hm?” she asked. “Oh yes, they are nice.”

“UH thanks,” I said and threw in six cans of cream of chicken.

I don’t think I’ll be wearing pajamas’s to the grocery store anymore. Even if it’s on Sunday, no one is there and we are on the brink of a snowpocalypse.

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  1. Homemaker Man

    I have done that pajama'd shopping trip. people don't find it cute on a guy. I feel you on the sleepless nights too. The things I would;ve given, or the deeds I would've committed for a solid 5 hours . . . Good luck with the storm.

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