Morella didn’t take a nap again today. Athena had some good naps throughout the day and I managed to get her down by 8:30 tonight. Awesome. My sunny outlook was almost foiled a few times today but in the end I prevailed. It helps to try and focus on why I am getting upset or whatever and really, what do I want to do that is so important anyway?

I have some kind of sinus issue though because a few times when I bent down to pick something up I felt like I got punched inside my face. I don’t *feel* stuffed up or anything though. Weird.

I made spritz cookies today and fired the spritz cookie press. I made a few of them in shapes and ended up just rolling little balls and pressing them down in the end. I also made them with almond flavoring instead of vanilla. Would someone who is allergic to nuts be allergic to pure almond extract?

I also made a batch of oatmeal/cranberry/vanilla chip cookies and froze them. Same with the russian tea cakes, and soon the spritz will join that fate.

I put plastic on Morella’s window and juryrigged curtains since she has blinds and there is no way that I am going to have them down and her room dark for the whole winter. It’s held up with safety pins for now…but that will work. I’ll finish them sometime down the road when I can unearth my sewing machine from the desk somewhere in my room.

While I was doing that, Tim gave the girls a bath. Awesome. They are good for the week! Athena loved to splash and kick and even got Morella going — a little too vigorously.

I got a Christmas present early yesterday. New winter boots! OH that reminds me that I forgot mention Mom’s night out on Monday. Was that yesterday? Sigh. That was only yesterday. Further proof that I really just need a whole Mom’s Week Out. I took Athena with me and she was so well behaved. I was really proud of my little kerfluff. I got meat filled ravioli, a porta salad and a chocolate nemesis dessert. I ate it all and felt find when I left but by the time I got home I realized I was over full and just wanted to sleep. Which I did, and it was very awesome except for the Athena waking to eat 5 times during the night. It was every hour from 3-7. If I wasn’t cosleeping with her I don’t know how I would manage to function the next day.

Oh it’s late. I should go to bed. Tim and I are talking about boarding Pluto for Christmas. The first time we would be doing that, but we are out of dog swapping options.

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