Oh fudge.

I misread the instructions and interpreted 1 1/2 sticks of butter to be 1 1/2 cups…meaning I had twice as much butter. It looked greasy and crumbly. I reread the instructions and realized my error. I quickly threw in more sugar, a 1/2 a bag of vanilla chips (out of chocolate), about a cup of marshmallows and some more evaporated milk and stirred for about 8 minutes before dumping it into a big pan. It’s smooth. We’ll see how bad it is tomorrow.

But for now I am chocolated out. I had two cherry cordials, a piece of poor man’s rocky road bars that I had made before that and … uff. I can only think my body is trying to have a period. Four months? It took 9 months before I got my period back with Morella and the exclusive pumping. I am not ready to have a period yet. :P

I went out and bought a cool mist humidifier because Athena wasn’t able to breath with her stuffed up nose tonight at Walgreens. It seems to be working as she is sound asleep. I hope it works for me too because I have been mouth breathing for the last three days and it’s killer to wake up with a parched mouth.

I nearly froze my hands off in those puny little knit gloves. It’s cold out there!

This lame post brought to you by a vicodin that has now kicked in because my back is killing me.

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