Things are going well. I don’t have a headache anymore from this morning, and good things are happening.

The babyshower I planned with a coworker went extremely well…there are some pictures here.

My promotion has gotten to the 4th stage, where Human resources has recognized the promotion and I have to fill out some paper work. The last stage, the 5th stage, they visit me for a couple of hours to observe. Hopefully by the end of this year, I will be getting paid more, PLUS have uber authority.

Then for a sacrifice of four vacation days at the end of December I get a total of 12 days off! I just took them today. That means from December 21-January 2nd. Cool. It will be like I am in school again and get a Christmas break.

Yesterday Human Resources called and left a message for my brother in law who lives down the street (married to my sister in law), who is french and not had a job since over a year (but only got his work card in August) a job in the temporary pool here. We went over to their place last night to tell them the good news and give them the information to call the contact, and we stayed until 10:30 visiting. I was tired when I got home and thus didn’t write anything. I am going to be writing a lot tonight though. I have to make up for five days missed so far. Uff. Writing a novel is frickin’ hard! I am really starting to feel like a tortured artist.

Tonight I have to send the “Save the Date” email for our kickoff Christmas party to be held on December 7th. So mark your calendars.

Holy crap, tomorrow is Tim’s birthday. Man, I forgot. What I am going to do? He already got his present, which is MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. Still…I can’t just that be. I need to do something. Right? Suggestions???

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