Well, it happened. I can blame it on the Mommy brain, right? I committed a huge faux paus in Christmas cards. You see, I have been writing them in the odds and ends moments of the day when I am assured that Morella isn’t running around with a towel over heard and smashing into things (poor kid) or when Athena isn’t constantly grizzling. It was bound to happen. I should have just not even written anyone’s names or a message and instead just signed our names at the end. You know, so many other people do it. I should do too. Especially when I accidentally wrote the name of the EX-GIRLFRIEND of a dude who just got married this past year to a woman with an entirely different name.

Of course he wrote to tell me that his wife wasn’t very pleased.

Sigh. I suck.

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  1. rdrew

    I think intentions are all that really matter. It's not like you meant to write the wrong name or make her mad… You have a small baby! In my book, that makes you exempt from all social obligations, including holiday cards. I would just send a note saying it was a dumb mistake and you feel badly, not a Freudian slip revealing your preference for the old girlfriend, or whatever.

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