As a reminder of Morella at 4 Months:

And then I did a recreation of Athena at 4ish Months in the dress with just a white tablecloth and my camera and this is what I got. Not as nice, but good enough for comparison. :D

Then I did some self portraits holding the camera over us.

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  1. Anonymous

    Adorable. You and the girls are going to love these so much as the years pass.I can never get our digital cameras to take good self-portraits. I think my arms are too short. I end up looking like my head is in a goldfish bowl.Merry Christmas, Red Eagle Benninghoffs all!-SECP

  2. Amanda

    I like how you re-created the photo shoot. And, of course, the self portraits with Athena are great :) I can't get over how big Morella is. Time's going by too quickly…although, you may disagree. ha

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