It’s the holiday hangover. You know, where so much stuff just happened in a relatively short amount of time and now that everything is done you just don’t want to do anything. THAT.

Tonight though, we got a surprise gift from the Mother in Law. She offered to bring Morella and Athena’s very awesome new wagon (grandparents), and slide (from Uncle Mark/Anutie Erica) because it wouldn’t fit in our car on the drive home yesterday. Sure this was nice, but the real gift was when she offered to watch the kids while went out and did something. We briefly toyed with the idea of seeing Avatar, but it’s a long movie and since Athena doesn’t do bottles, it would have been a long time being separated from her. Let it also be stated that I would never leave Athena with anyone else but his mother because she has the chops to handle a little crying and take care of a two year old who loves her to bits. Seriously, we got a casual ‘bye’ as we left.

Our freedom in hand we went to Alchemy for a drink, the best onion rings in the world, and clementine cheesecake. Then we tried to two restaurants in search of oysters but both were closed. We ended up at the Brocach Irish Pub for more drinks and a platter of the best steamed mussels ever. It was a night out on the town with fine dining. We would have left 15 minutes sooner except our waitress who was assigned to our section who doesn’t usually work our section gave us the wrong bill after charging our credit card. It was not the bill she initially gave us, and was for 50$ bucks more. After waiting for a small eternity I finally got up to go after her and Tim immediately ran ahead of me and told me to sit back down. You see, we would still be sitting there if I had waited for miracles to happen. I gotta remember to use my power of “getting things done” a little more often. I even told Tim I was going to be nice! Sheesh.

We came back to a hiccuping, head twitching from too much crying baby who was nothing but smiles, snuggles and giggles as soon as she was on my lap and in my arms. Awww! The other one went to bed without a problem.

Okay. That was a start. I broke the dry blogging spell.

I’m reading Stephen King’s On Writing now in preparation for my new career in writing. Ha. Oh we all have to have our new years dreams, right?

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