• read 20 books (a low sum, to be sure — but high with two little ones)
  • clean/organize the master bedroom
  • get Athena on the tribal roll (or at least do everything that I can do on my end)
  • keep up with babybook/journals more
  • continue the Postcard project
  • start a new “everyday” chore habit (for example, the year Morella was born I trained myself to make the bed every day. Now I do it every day, almost obsessively. It only takes like 2 minutes and the room is so much better because of it) Suggestions for a new daily routine chore type thing appreciated.
  • Write at least 10 minutes a day

There we go!

Last night was fun. Our friends Chuck and Kathleen came over with their 4 month old daughter (who slept most of the time) and we lucked out with the kids going to bed early and staying there. We took shifts in going to a party where the hostess is famed for her fabulous food, party themes and well, overall awesome parties. Speaking of which Laima, did I win the Owl print silent auction?

Kathleen and I took the first shift and sampled all of the food (fresh made sushi, bacon wrapped chestnuts, cookies, chocolate banana bread, crudites, olives, crackers, smoked cheese) and we made sure to dip everything we could possibly dip that resembled food into the chocolate fondue. Later, I had a very spicy pickle I had to spit out, and some salsa that I did not spit out but wished I had. The menfolk returned from their turn 20 minutes before midnight and we rang in the new year with champagne and jello shots (eww). Then we visited for an hour or so more and were in bed by 1:30AM. Tim and I were both very tired this morning but thankfully not hungover. :D

Both kids are currently asleep, as I probably should be. I made some quick bread for something to eat, had a bowl of oatmeal for lunch and sort of wish we had other food. I have no idea what is for dinner and I wonder if the grocery store is open today. We need some food. And someone to cook it.

Tim is making a sweet potato pie (I whipped a crust this morning), but that won’t be ready until much later. One cannot live on sweet potato pie alone.

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  1. Anonymous

    "I forget who it was that recommended men for their soul's good to do each day two things they disliked – it is a precept that I have followed scrupulously; for each day, I have got up and I have gone to bed."W. Somerset MaughamCheck. Check. EAC

  2. --Tumbleweed

    You just whipped up a crust?! I'm impressed. Also, I bet I could live on sweet potato pie. Good luck with your reading goal. I can say with authority that 20 books is ambitious for life with 2 kids. Great blog.

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