Okay. I walked the dog yesterday. Our first for 2010. It was darn cold out there, and of course he took a giant dump half way through forcing me to carry his poop. I often fantasize that dogs could wear a poop catcher like horses in parades have too. I would probably take him on more walks if he didn’t insist on taking giant dumps each time we go out. Yeah I work with a lot of poop in my business, but you know I can wash it off, throw it in the diaper bucket or the trash and be done with it. I don’t have to carry it or touch it warmth for any length of time.

This morning I went to the bank to get a money order so I can sent in Athena’s tribal enrollment application and then to the library to make a photocopy of the paperwork. I had to pay my one dollar fine because I had no change and while I was doing that some old dude took over the copier with a crapload of coins that he painstakingly entered one at a time per every 30 seconds. One glance at his pile of envelopes and I knew that Morella was going to get to play with the trains and dollhouse. Bonus, Athena would get her bite to eat.

Morella was a dreamboat. She shared, helped other kids find the train. She talked to them and adults. She did all the puzzles. She picked up the greyhaired doll and talked about about Boppi (Grandmother — oh incidentally the morning after her Grandma put her to bed and we went out for fancy appetizers — the first word out of her mouth was “Boppi?”) She is going to love her week long visit this summer. It could also be bappi or Babbi or something like that. You know two year old speak is hard to understand and I asked Tim five minutes ago to come into the living room to help me clarify but he obviously has more important things to do. :P

Anyway, after the library we went to Java cat for lunch where she continued being an angel and we had a really sweet meal together. Neeners meanwhile had fallen asleep like a good little baby.

Came home, put the girls down for a nap, sent the Mother’s helper home (she was only going to be here for an hour and I really wanted to take a nap too) and crashed. Morella got up at 4:30 as did I, we played an then woke up Athena at 5 after I made a new rule about no babies sleeping after five if I want them to go to bed at a decent hour.

Made two dinners (chicken sausage/applesauce/green peppers) and chicken tikka masala.

Watched a little Dexter to get my heart racing (and more fodder to think about the show for the time being), and here I am trying to beat the clock on my laptop battery. It’s almost dead and I don’t want to go into the room to get the cord and risk waking the baby. Who by the way is not happy with me putting the kabash on her no rules sleeping. As in…I am working on putting her to sleep in the cosleeper and letting her fuss it out a bit to see if she’ll go down without nursing. She’s about 60/40 now .

Overall it was a good day. It helps when the kids behave, it’s sunny, we get out of the house, no one is sick and dinner gets made.

PS. Tim still hasn’t come to discuss toddler linguistics with me….oh there is my low battery warning.

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