Picture time!

HA HA HA HA … oh my god, this last photo has me in stitches.

Kathleen and her daughter Daphne came over today to hang out. We played Abalone and made Valentine cards from Target Dollar bin goodies while drinking some candy cane lane decaf. It was awesome … especially the part where everyone was sleeping except us and we got do fun stuff. Anyway. Then we put them in bumbos and made them look at each other.

Some other photos since I am on the horn…Here is one of Hilary and Athena

It seems like deja vue…. Hilary and Morella

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  1. Hilary

    You should photoshop in some teacups and fancy hats on those lil babies. Just kidding… They look a lot alike at this point!And me, I look like a crazy person. A crazy person who likes corduroy pants and doesn't know how to carry a baby. ;)

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