Athena – 5 Months

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–Nicknames: Neena, Neeners, Neener Beaner, Athena Beana, Kerfluff
–Can sit unassisted! She started this three days ago. She can go for several wobbly minutes, but by gum she can do it.
–Hates hates hates being on her tummy
–Won’t roll over to save her life
–Loves to pretend she is texting
–Insists on holding my hand while nursing
–Pulled the computer keyboard to her and started banging on it this week (aww!)
–Favorite joke in the world is “B…buh…buh bah!”
–Loves little bunny foo foo
–Laughs when you head nuzzle her tummy (then she grabs your hair and pulls..ouch!)
–Wearing 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing
–Barely gets any floor time because as soon as she hits the ground, or couch or bed or whatever, Morella is all over her like a wet rag. Poor Neeners hardly ever gets alone time to exercise those muscles and explore. At least she is getting big enough to fend for herself when Attack of the Toddler begins. But, you know she loves Morella and just looking at her makes her smile.
–Much better about letting other people hold her
–Goes to bed around 8:00-8:30…however I am the only one that can seem to do it.
–Wakes up between 11-12 to eat, then 3-4 and then now she is waking up at 7:00 for the day. Seems to take a nap around 9:30-10 and then an afternoon nap around 2-5.
–Must be held facing out, or you can hip hold her if she is high enough and mostly facing out. Facing in – disaster. Kind of sucky for the Ergo, but I did test getting her in it for the back carrying position and though she fussed she started to actually fall asleep. Maybe in another month it will be better. For now the Baby Bjorn is easier and more flattering to my post baby squishy belly syndrome.
–Bald spot is getting more fuzz growing in and hair is starting to thicken ever so slightly all around
–Really getting into playing with toys
–Sits in high chair with us during dinner good most of the time. The rest of the time she wants to be held and tries to pat our plates or food
–At this point in time hasn’t pooped in two days
–Still seems sensitive to dairy in my diet
–Still only one tooth (the one she was born with)
–Is an overall wonderfully easy going little baby. When she cries it’s usually for a reason and that is so nice to have. She either wants to move, eat, sleep or has a poopy diaper.

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  1. Lindsey

    I so love her name.My 5 mo old also insists in holding my hand while nursing, which I often judge as endearing or annoying because I'm trying to do something with this one free hand, for the love of God, child! She also loves to face out when I hold her and always smiles at her toddler sister even if said toddler sister is attacking her with her crazy energy. Also, our babies have the exact same sleeping pattern. Go figure. I do look forward to sleeping through the night again, but I don't hate nursing at night either. Happy 5 mos beautifully named, Athena!

  2. hadjare

    Laura – yes i do have a picture of her tooth. I'll post it later.Lindsey – I totally agree with the hand holding thing, it's awesome for about 2-3 minutes but after that I really need to turn the page on the book I am reading.

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