It January. I get caught up in television during this time. We finished watching season 4 of Dexter and I was … well… I feel a little embarrassed to admit this, but I got too involved. I got caught up in the life of a fictional character. In the early months of two under two, I would often think about how Dexter was handing fatherhood. It was something that got me through the day, you know? So when this season ended, the way it did, I was emotionally upset and it took a couple days to shake it off. I really don’t want to talk about it further so I don’t give anything away. Let’s just say that I felt like one of those crazy people that believe soap operas are real and spend way too much time thinking about their lives.

Now we are watching Fringe, and of course I am going back to catching up on How I Meet Your Mother. I have also been watching movies — tonight it was Grace Is Gone. An indie movie with John Cussak that was really rather unremarkable. Not to be a movie snob, but I’ve seen a lot of independent and foreign movies and this was just another classic example of american’s doing a lackluster job on a slow drama. Enough of that, I am not a movie critic nor do I aspire to be one. I just know what I like and don’t like, and I knew what kind of movie that was going to be five minutes into it.

On the positive side, I finally finished an afghan that I started two years ago before Morella was born for a friend of mine. Hurray! I can get it out of my living room.

I am on a quest to dejunkify and get things done around this house. Yesterday we went out and finally bought curtain rods for the office and girl’s bedroom windows. The solution that I have used for the last five years just cannot stand anymore. That solution being safety pins on the end of “curtains” hung of a little nail at each side of the window. Oh wait, one of the windows I actually strung some jewelry wire for them to hang on. Real classy.

Now that I have the rods, I hope to actually install them sometime before the next five years are up. No really, I hope to do it this week sometime. If these kids ever take a nap. Morella opted not to today. Please don’t let nap times go the way of the Dinosaur Train. I don’t have a time tunnel to go back to the good old days of three hour naps.

Of course this wouldn’t be a mommy blog (as Tim so lovingly refers to my blog now) if I didn’t prattle on about my little darlings. Morella is in a developmental explosion now! She is adding new words by the handful each day, finally started to mimic words, jumped off her slide (about 2 inches) to the ground several times without falling, figured out puzzles and how to put money into her princess crown bank and knows how to have a conversation on the phone that is more than “hi” and “bye.”

Athena has been showing remarkable improvement in sitting and playing with toys and just loves Morella. Morella was telling her some jokes this afternoon and pretty much anything that came out of her mouth had her laughing. She slept for crap today and doesn’t nurse well in public or noisy situations (would prefer really for me to be in a quiet darken room in the side lying position). But she did go to bed early and she finally had her big poopsploion. It’s been almost five days. This poop was weird too, really sticky. It sort of reminded me of the xanthum gum poops that Morella had for the first year of her life because of the Simply Thickened bottles she had to have.

Man I’m tired.

One last thing, we have tuna casserole for dinner. We had some. Morella at two peas and called it. That girl is living on air. I think she thinks that 2% body fat she has is too much and is doing something about it. Sigh. No seriously, I have to remind myself that the pediatrician assured me that children this young do not purposely starve themselves.

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  1. Homemaker Man

    It still blows me away when I see how much the pumpkin man loves and adores his older sister. He idolizes her. And she loves him right back. Blows my mind. So cool that you can make an afghan. I keep telling myself I need to learn to knit and crochet. Also, for curtains in the peanut's room, we have two white blackout curtains that are about an inch and a half shy of fitting the windows. And those pics below are beautiful.And you "met" my wife. She's wicked smaht.

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