Tim bought me a box of chocolate AND made his futon bed in the office this morning. Is it my lucky day or what? I woke up this morning with a bit of congestion but it’s since gone. I think we all had a mini cold. Oh I did take Morella to the doctor last Friday and she was fine, absolutely nothing wrong with her. The doctor did say the classic “It’s a virus,” blah blah blah, and that she might show signs of congestion over the weekend. She didn’t though, but we did.

Anyway. I am stressed out with this whole parenting thing. Morella is not eating. Is it because she carries her sippy cup around her as a glorified bottle? Is she drinking too much milk and not having enough room leftover to eat? Is she sick again (Tim said she is following the progression of his illness)?

Hm. Tim just said no. She is sick. She is coughing a lot tonight. But is that because she is sick or because of the one hour screaming tantrum she threw this afternoon during a major nap fail? Has she given up naps for good? IF that is the case why did she fall asleep in the car five minutes into it this afternoon?

Is Athena ever going to sleep through the night? Is she waking at 12 because I am going to bed then? (I don’t think so because on nights I go to bed late she still wakes up at that time to cry and eat). How am I ever going to get them to share a room together? The other night she was up every TWO hours. If she was in Morella’s or another room, I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep at all. How will she ever get Morella’s toddler/bed crib since Morella is so attached to her bed? Will we have to buy a toddler bed even though we have a perfectly fine trundle bed with a rollout that they could use? Will she never get to use it because she will be in my bed until she is one like our parents did (my Mom and Tim’s Mom both kept their babies in bed until 1).

Sigh. It’s so different having a bottle fed baby (with thickened EBM) versus a nursing baby. And a first born versus a second born.

Oh there is my laptop battery telling me knock it off, watch some TV and calm the fuck down. :P

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  1. Homemaker Man

    The not eating thing is nerve racking. my daughter is very difficult with that. It is frustrating. Especially because there is a reason we call her the Peanut. One thing: we always heard to try and limit them to less than 24 oz of milk a day. Maybe that'll help? Also, sometimes they just do that, the no eating. That's all I got.

  2. --Tumbleweed

    I'm not going to offer advice because I honestly have no idea how to solve either of your problems. Pumpkin and Peanut are 1 and 2.5, and they almost never sleep through the night. They are also low on the weight chart (actually, Peanut has fallen off). And I fret about both all the time. Basically, I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone in either your issues or your level of concern.

  3. Viv

    Eating isn't a very big concern for mine. My youngest three are off the weight charts, 80%, and 75% respectively. Which, of course presents a whole different slew of concerns.The sleep thing though? Oh, man! Can I ever sympathize. My one year old sleeps in my bed, as does my three year old. My eight month old sleeps downstairs in the pack and play, to keep my one year old, who still wakes up 3-4 times a night from waking her up. She is getting up once a night. If I pair any of the older kids in a room with the babies, then they wake the babies up when they get ready for school, or the babies wake them up during the night. It really is very exhausting.

  4. hadjare

    So of course the day after I write this, she did eat. She snacked (for her) pretty heavily all day. Then today she was back to her old barely getting by…but at least it isn't the super low days like she has been having. I mean, she's been 22.4 pounds now for two months. How do you limit milk though? Just fill it in with water? or … what? Sarah – Gah I WISH Morella would eat just one complete yogurt. That would be awesome. Instead it's pretty typical for her to only have three or four bites from it. Peanut butter would be another awesome thing I would like her to like…sadly no. And a banana…oh man, just thinking about how awesome it would be for Athena to like bananas has me all excited. Tumbleweed – Thank you for pointing out the not sleeping through the night thing. Morella was a great sleeper from the get go, and so far Athena is too..I mean she cries but she never really wakes up. You feed her and she's back to sleep…or into a deeper sleep. And Morella isn't on the American weight charts at all…but since our doctor switched to the WHO charts — she now clocks in at 15% (right along with all those starving kids in africa :P Viv – Hi! Wow, your bed is full…and so is the whole sleeping arrangements. JUST the thing I like to read. :)

  5. Homemaker Man

    Oh my goodness, you can do that? Switch to the WHO charts? We have to talk to our ped about that. Tumbleweed will be interested.As for the milk limitation, water, yeah. How do they do with yogurt too. There is a great organic whole fat yogurt at Trader Joe's, if you have one near by. Of course, I offer all of this up, and like my wife said, we don't have any answers. Going to see the dietician at the end of the month.

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