I was tagged to do a meme of “10 Things that Make me Happy” by Lapnoodle. Of course in the blogger realm they do this in form of awards — but I don’t think I’ll pass that on. For one, I am only aware of maybe 20 of my readers, they don’t all have journals and many of them are over in livejournal land. Thanks for tagging me!

That said, here are 10 things that made me happy *today*.

1. Successful play date this morning with Emily and her two sons. Athena slept the entire time, Morella was great and the house was fairly okay.

2. Letter from Sarah and a lovely family New Year’s card.

3. Grocery shopping with no meltdowns and exited with food.

4. Grocery pickup (uh where you drive to the store and they load your groceries for you — for free! In fact, I use this service a lot with two kids because I feel like I am keeping these guys in a job by utilizing the service).

5. Newly assembled last night bathroom space saver looked good this morning. I was afraid I might have buyers regret. A space saver is one of those cabinets that go over the toilet and is on legs.

6. Morella got into my package of gum. Took the plastic off, opened it and took out a piece of gum. After going through all that work I let her keep the piece she took. At first she played with it for about 5 minutes and then walked away. I followed her a minute later to see that she had finally gotten around to putting it in her mouth (like everything these days) and was chewing a little bit of it. She held it up to me and said “Yum.” She was telling me that it was good, like it was something I didn’t know. She later spit out the gum and handed me a tiny remnant. Yum.

7. Watching how active and happy Athena gets when she’s diaperless and on the floor. She really came close to rolling over! She’s such a lovely little baby. Sometimes I wish I could see more of her during the day rather than the back of her head.

8. News that one of my old IF (IF-infertility) friends is pregnant *naturally* with her second. I am so excited for her.

9. That box of chocolates that Tim got me the other day.

10. Neighbor brought by a beautiful hand made Christmas basket centerpiece/decoration type thing that she crafted and two books for Morella/Athena. A Disney princess book and a Cars Book. Morella really likes the picture of Belle and was quick to memorize her name.

There you have it! I have to get to bed now. It’s almost my new bedtime of 12. Oy vey.

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  1. --Tumbleweed

    Great post. We've been gun shy about "no diaper" time with the Pumpkin Man because I can't imagine the mess he could make. We did it a lot with Peanut, but girls just leave a puddle. Now, I feel the pressure to let the boy have some naked time! Wish me luck!

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