This week has been strange. First I hosted playgroup on Monday and a bajillion people and kids showed up, enough for the neighbors to notice. It was cool though because for the first time ever having that many people over did not stress me out one bit. I guess I figured the house was clean enough from over the past week and what wasn’t clean I can pawn off on having kids. Maybe it was being prepared ahead of time that allotted me that easy, stress free feeling.

I had a new friend over on Friday morning with her two sons, one of which is about two weeks younger than Athena. Since she had never been to my house I was on high alert and spent the week before that using her visit as a catalyst to get things done like put curtains up and redo elements of organization in the bathroom. Once those things were done it was easy to keep the house clean over the weekend. The visit went well and is worth repeating, especially since after March most playdates will have to be at her house because of her older son’s schedule.

The day before that one of the playdate ladies came over with her son and we had a nice visit. Morella and her son had a blast until it ended very abruptly near Morella’s bedtime because she was bitten. She had two round little bite marks on her pipecleaner arm, one with red and blue near the skin. No skin was broken but Morella was very upset. She ended up regaling the entire story of what happened to us several times over the course of the night (she stayed up until 10) and the next day. She made sure to reenact the entire experience by walking us to the kitchen and taking us to her room where the crime of passion occurred (near her bed). She was so serious — it was much like the Owl incident. Tim had taken her outside to listen to an Owl and for the next week we heard all about the Owl. In sum, I am glad that she was bitten by a friend rather than some bully at the park. It was bound to happen sooner or later, and this way we were able to talk about it and deal with it as an accident rather than the world being a cold, cruel place.

Let’s see, then Sunday we had our out of town friends, Sarah and family stop in for a visit in the evening. Morella and their daughter Ruth played beautifully together. Morella was very excited and happy to take Ruth’s hand and lead her off to her room to show her around. In truth, Ruth is just old enough that Morella was enthralled by her older girl status. For the record, Ruth is 7 months older that Morella — practically a cool, older teenager in toddler speak. Tim took the girls downstairs to play in the playroom while we stayed upstairs and had Athena and Nicol play with each other for awhile. Okay, we layed them on the floor next to each other. What else are you going to do with little babies? Ha ha. After they left I felt awful that we didn’t offer to have them stay for dinner. God, sometimes I wish I could be more prepared. All the dishes were dirty and in the dishwasher, I didn’t know when the heck dinner would be done and it would have been too late for them to drive back. Still, I like to imagine that I am capable of gracious hosting — I guess that is a skill I will have to perfect. I apologize for not having thought ahead!

That brings us to Monday with the playdate. Well the all the kids must have tuckered Morella out because she took a nap. For the record, she has largely given up naps. It sucks because I have had to adjust for the extra 15 hours a week in my work schedule entertaining and keeping track of a toddler. I’m getting there, but I still am really tired by the end of the day. I was enjoying the unexpected free time catching up on the internet (which has sadly suffered since the Death of the Nap) and … I am so embarrassed to admit this. *deep breath*

I almost got suckered into an online phishing scam. This one was via Facebook — the good old “I got Mugged in London by Gunpoint” scam. It was only because Western Union has bulletins on their website that warn of fraud, scams and ruses that I thought to ask a personal question. A question the “friend” couldn’t answer. In the the end, no harm was done. No money was lost, no personal information revealed and the world didn’t blow up. No the only real lasting damage was to my pride. I emailed the friend and told her of the hacking and then tried to get on with the rest of the day. But you know, I just feel like such a rube. A maroon if you will.

You know, since then, I have been trying to think of other times I have done really stupid things and only two really come to mind. First and foremost was the stupid cruise I bought into over the phone. Thank goodness Wisconsin has a refund law that ensures you get 48 hours to change your mind. Secondly, was the time I left my camera at the outlook tower while camping. By the time we went back it was gone. Hey that reminds me of another one — the time I forgot my camera in my bag by the car last October when I went to get pumpkins. Thankfully I was able to get that one back unscathed. I blame Morella for that. You know, that whole leaving things in a rush and you forget things. I can’t tell you how many times I have locked us out of the house because I forgot to bring my keys with me.

Okay. It’s Fringe time — no more wallowing. I just wonder what my horoscope would have to say about this weird week. Probably something very cryptic. Yesterday aside, this month has gotten much better. I guess I need to start the New Year off with a major case of the blues so that I have something to shake off. The darkness before dawn. It’s nice. This is going to be the year of unfinished business, I think. Finish things. Return things. Fulfill obligations. Fulfill promises — at least those that I can remember. Have the whole year in which to wipe the slate clean. Maybe this should be my new years resolution.

Yeah. That it’s. Brilliant.

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