I am so tired. It’s not very often I am afflicted by the tired side effect of having kids, so this is not a welcome feeling. One other other has been waking up all hours of the night or getting up at ungodly hours in the morning. Yesterday it was Neeners who wanted to play at 4:30. Today it was Morella at 5:45 because the milk that was left by her bedside was “no nilk!” You see, two of our local grocery stores were out of her particular brand of milk. 8th Continent Vanilla Soy. Anything else is no acceptable. I admit we dug ourselves into this hole by indulging her. It was just easier to buy that than to get her to drink anything else, especially since we were so thrilled she was drinking something. In our defense we have done some whole milk trials recently and she can tolerate dairy now. So we have been starting to mix whole milk with her soy — right now we are at about 1 part milk (maybe a little less) to 3 parts soy. We only started last week, so we aren’t ready to go full boar milk. But we might have too — because how can two stores be out of the same milk that they always sell out off?

I know two of the other stores do not have it. The Hippy coop does not. Copps pick and save does not. Savers does not. Hy-vee does … so that is where we are headed this morning. OH and you know, we did buy another brand of vanilla soy that we hadn’t tried yet (and we have tried them all). Same result. A big part of that reason is that they claim it’s vanilla, but it’s only lightly flavored whereas 8th Continent means business whey they say vanilla. I even tried sweetening it with honey – nope. Trust me folks, we have tried every other option. I did get her to be quiet this morning by giving her some strawberry milk, but she only sips it. Treats it like a cup of coffee or tea, or a milkshake. Not life sustaining milk.

I am just to tired to face this battle right now after the week we have. Morella’s high fever, thinking she might have had a UTI (she didn’t, she was just afraid to pee), and then Athena getting sick, and me going out on my birthday (I don’t regret that, but it did make for a late night), and that wretched headache I had all weekend that drained the life out of me all contribute to me wanting to put this battle and others off for another week. The other battle — Athena needs to really start sleeping in her cosleeper. She is getting mobile in bed, and big. I want my space back. It’s just so much easier to have her sleep right away though than to constantly put her down in it and go there five minutes later to take her out, recalm her and blah blah blah. I know. Think of the end game. The whole bed 1/2 bed to myself is reward enough…or is it? I hate this not having sleep thing.

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  1. Anonymous

    We may as well be trying to get her to drink boar's milk, though what we're really attempting is to get her to drink full-bore milk, which some might also call 'whole'.

  2. Jessica

    You said you don't usually shop Aldis? They have a vanilla soy that is way sweet. It might be what your looking for? They have chocolate too that is really good

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