I felt brave today, and on top of things. I was a super mom. I woke up well rested because Athena slept from 12-7. I took a shower with Morella and got clean while Athena took a quick nap. I dressed everyone, myself included. I made a batch of my awesome chocolate chip cookies before Toddler Time at the library. I attended Toddler Time and Morella had a blast while I managed to keep a non napping Neeners quiet. I let Morella play with the library stuff afterward before giving up the battle with Athena and went home. Athena feel asleep on the way home so I was able to have a peaceful lunch with Morella while baking two trays of awesome chocolate chip cookies, with walnuts for those “nut lovers.” I then packed everyone in the car and … this is where I really outdid myself … I drove all the to Cross Plains (like 20 miles) to visit an old college friend who just had a baby two weeks ago. I brought a tater tot casserole I had made the night before — I made a double batch so we would have dinner when I got home, an upside down orange cake (kind of bitter), and the cookies because the cake was bitter.

Anyway. It was a great drive. I did it! That was the farthest I have ever driven by myself with just the girls and I rocked it! Had a great visit. Drove home and missed all the rush hour traffic. I put the casserole in the oven, and watched “Ahh Aahh” (Curious George) with Morella while nursing Athena and then Karen came over and played with Morella while I … oh I am getting bored writing this.

All I needed was to hear “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight…” Ha ha. I also imagined that I was in a cut scene in a Lifetime movie about a courageous woman who turns her life around and makes it more fantastic than it already is.

So you know how I talked about not wanting to tackle Athena and the cosleeper? Sometimes all I need to do is publicly say something to give myself the motivation to do something. You know, it’s the classic “Why wait for the perfect time that may never exist when I can just do it now?” Plus, Tim came back to bed after spending a week or two on the futon because of a terrible cold he had. I found the diminished space to be less than restful. My baby is huge and likes to spread out.

Today is day three of having her to go to sleep in her cosleeper. So far the trick is to leave my arm in there next to her for awhile. Sure there is usually one misfire or so where I have to take her out to re-nurse her into submission, but in the end she is asleep in her cosleeper like a good little baby. Just gotta take it one day at at time.

During one of the misfires last night, I looked down at her and she as nestled in the crook of my arm, sleeping peacefully and radiating contentment. She was just beautiful. I wanted to capture it forever and hold her all night long but then thought “No, this is just a ruse to trick me.” No, I didn’t really think that. But it does show you how easy it is to justify not sticking to something. “She’ll only be little for short time. I should be enjoying this — everyone tells me I should be.”

Nursing a baby instead of spending two – 4 hours a day pumping for a baby is so much nicer. A thousand times nicer. How the heck did I do that for a year? No wonder I felt like I had no free time. I didn’t.

Morella’s newest thing is to take the squirt/spray bottle we use for getting the flannel wipes wet and going after the cats. I told her she could because Tim and I were sick of getting sprayed. I don’t think I will ever forget how she learned it though. I was laying on the floor of her room while she puttered in the corner. I picked up the bottle she had knocked to the floor and was playing with and said “Morella…” She looked at me and I sprayed her right in the face. Her look was priceless. Shock. Bewilderment. Tears. I called her over and gave her a hug, apologized and wiped her face all while trying not to laugh. Exactly one hour later I got sprayed in the face and started laughing manically.

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