So I got a hair cut. It’s pretty short and I’m getting used to it faster than I though. I expect though that it will take a while longer for the DH to get used to it. :P

My big brainchild of an idea today was to put all of the toys in the house into a big pile in the living room floor. Then with Karen and my friend Lowen’s help I was able to sort through and organize them all. I moved the target toy bin thing that everyone seems to have into Morella’s closet and then put the organized toys in there. I rehung a wall frog type thing that has three …well suffice to say I moved a bin, a frog and a chair a about six inches away from Morella’s bed. Probably less, more like like three inches. Throw in the floor being clean and vacuumed and it all probably seems very different to Morella, even though it isn’t that different.

Tonight we were treated to what is sure to be a common occurrence, a sleeping walking toddler. I was in the bedroom putting Athena to sleep for the second or third time when I heard a sigh from Morella. I thought it was kind of strange hear it so clearly. Then I heard Tim say “Morella? Morella?” and start walking down the hall. I asked him what was going on and he said “She is sleep walking.” I quickly unlatched Athena and went to see. She was laying down in the middle of the living room floor on her tummy – completely asleep. Tim was about to gently wake her up, but I told him to just pick her up and put her back to bed, which he did. She was quiet again for another hour or so. After awhile we heard some movement in her room and mumbly whining. He looked into see her walking around her room confused. He helped her back to bed, but she has woken up enough by then to want the lamp on (low light) and keep the door open.

I asked Tim if he thinks this string of events is because of the mild rearrangement in her room and he said yes. Maybe. I could believe it though. Kids don’t like change, so have something like this be changed must be confusing? I don’t know. What I find compelling is that Tim confessed to me that he was a frequent sleepwalker, but mostly sleep talker when he was little. Myself, I was a notorious sleeperwalker — the kind that walks outside, goes into other rooms and does strange things, the kind that rips needles out of their arm to walk into a neighboring hospital room. Thankfully I outgrew it. I’ll be frank – Morella having two sleepwalkers as parents doesn’t bode well for the future.

And you know what? Sleepwalking is kind of creepy.

In other news, yesterday was a super awesome day. Oh heck the whole weekend was great. Tim took Friday off and helped me talk Morella and Neeners to McDonald’s to try out the playland. Desperate times folks….anyway. She got stuck in a lower part of the structure and needed the help of a little boy to pull her back up so she could get out. It’s a loud, get your energy out by screaming and climbing sort of place.

Saturday, we went to one of the more affluent libraries that has a fish take, a train table with 20 trains, a dollhouse, a barn, tons of puzzles, stuffies that you can dress/undress, bean bags, duplo blocks table and of course tons of books. They even have a little volunteer run cafe in the front that serves diner style coffee for .75 cents or .50 if you have your own cup (good to know!). After the library we came home and had a family nap that lasted about three and half hours.

Sunday, we went out for my delayed birthday brunch to a Brazilian restaurant with some friends who have a five month old too. You go in and they have an exotic salad bar, and dudes walking around with sticks of freshly roasted meat on sticks … it was pretty successful. Morella was a darling, Athena was a crabpot who should have taken a nap but overall managed okay and I had the best waffle ever. It had a hot berry and chocolate sauce combo on top. Since I had to stop midway through to nurse a fussy Athena, I ate slowly and didn’t overdo it, though I short of wished I had. I guess that is for the hungry in me talking now.

Tim’s parent’s offered to watch the girls while we did something. I suggested to Tim that we really try to do something since it seemed like Athena was getting better about me leaving her for stretches at a time without needing food. We went to see Avatar – a movie I never thought I would get to see in the theater despite it selling out seven weeks after it’s release. We splurged and got the ultra combo – huge popcorn and big drinks for each of us, and sat back to watch the movie. My only comment regarding the movie is that each time the Na’vi plugged their biological USB cords into the plants, I would instantly think of Athena. I realized after awhile that nursing and weird braid USB’s were very similar. I guess, it’s both a method of bonding and exchange of energy. Happy hormones for me and sustenance for Athena and of course, that bond.

We got back to a howling, tear faced Athena sitting in her grandma’s lap and Morella waking up from a nap. Apparently Athena thought it would be more fun to cry through her afternoon nap and make everyone miserable the entire time. Big credit to Tim’s parents though for not calling us and letting us see a movie uninterrupted — it was on the best birthday presents ever. :D

Oh that Neeners…she’s such a Momma’s girl and I can’t be mad at her because she is so stinking cute and cuddle and mine…all mine.

There are some other things I wanted to say but it’s late and Tim just told me that I am where English words go to die. [In reference to full boar -- dude, I thought it was a wild big in full rampaging mode....and just now when I asked him how to spell substenence because stupid spell check wasn't bring it up. He said "You mean sustenance?" ]

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  1. --Tumbleweed

    That's so odd. Homemaker Man and I just went on our first date since the Pumpkin was born (last year), and we saw Avatar, too. Must be something about that movie…

  2. hadjare

    I know! I thought the same thing when I read about it. I think maybe just the universe aligned to let all housebound parents get out. However, I didn't get home until the wee hours of the night. ;) … oh wait, I reread that, you just didn't' see them until the morning. Meaning they were put to bed. What did you think of the movie?

  3. Christina

    did you make the move yet? Id love to follow your blog. I found you off of lap noodles. Blogger has ti now where you can set it to email you when someone comments on your blog….and say i commented on yours….yes I wold have to check the box which says "alert me of comments made on this topic" or somehing of that nature. I usually do that if I think the person will write back, anyhow.Maybe they should fix that though, come to think of it. It cant be that difficult.Im at

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