I got an email from blogger telling me that they will be discontinuing their ftp publishing tool. Apparently I am one of the .5% of bloggers that use this tool, thereby hogging most of bloggers IT resources. I have until March 26 to move my crap over to a Blogger managed URL or kiss it all good bye.

For a long time I have thought about moving my website. I started with blogger back in 2000 when it was still new and shiny. Before that I had run a blog the old fashioned way by updating a website every couple of days with html. Being able to use a dashboard and have just type text and have it automatically update a website was a great idea. It still is. However, there are somethings I just don’t feel like blogger can do for me — one of them is comment management. I’ll admit. I didn’t even attach the comment feature to my blog for years and years after it became available for the sole reason that I didn’t want people telling me how much they loved me on a posty basis. To be far, it was in the infancy of bloggdom when lots of people responded with “I love you!” and “Lol” and “so funny!” or even just ” :) “. All of which I hated and was a total waste of time and resources. I mean, I didn’t need to be validated by this.

Along the way I got a livejournal account. I needed one for the all the private angsty stuff I was going through regarding infertility that I could lock and no one would be able to see it except personally approved friends. I also started it so that I could join IF, TTC and likeminded communities. Over the years I gained a great collection of smart, interesting women from all over the world. All women and most with children. It was through this that I realized the value of comments had evolved over the years and grown up. Now they really do contribute to a more community feel.

The problem I have had with bloggers comments features is that they do not email the person back or in any way reflect that I have responded to a comment. The only way the commenter can tell if I responded is to check that very blog post, click on comments and scroll down. It has always sorted of bothered me that there was no continuity. I read all comments, however I dont’ always respond because it’s kind of buried. In general I end up responding in a post, but then again that isn’t very professional.

Comments aside, I need something a little more stable. Part of the problem I have had with Blogger, especially over the past two or three years is that they have problems with their FTP program every time they make an update. I realize that this is exactly the kind of thing that they are talking about, and every time it happened I vowed that I would switch. Except, you know, switching is hard. It’s a lot of stuff move over and start anew.

I also want to change www.wazika.net to be the page that my blog starts on instead of right now where it’s just a link. I also want to eliminate the whole ‘quatschen’ part. I had originally started this journal with a friend and she had given it’s name. I have long since parted ways with this friend but kept the name because that it what it was named and I had already had followers. Then the name of this journal is actually wo-wunk but that just doesn’t make any sense now does it. What is it — quatschen, wazika or wo wunk? Make up your mind!

Here is my chance to resolve all of these issues. Oh, and one more, I want to be able to easily add on to the list of blogs that I read because there are so many other great blogs I have found by merely following the blog roll.

I have a deadline now. I dared my husband to help me with this transition. I wrote him an email that pretty much said something to the effect of “you know how important blogging is to me…help me obe wan keno0b tim … you are my only hope!” He is now researching the how and why of moving my blog to word press and started over as I have already mentioned. We expect some glitches along the way, there will be a redirect URL but eventually you will and probably should update your links to just www.wazika.net or whatever.

I thought I would be sadder about the end of this website — but you know I built it all, did my own graphics and blah blah blah. My knowledge is outdated now and I just don’t have the hours to devote to relearning it all and doing it myself when it be done much easier. I may have that time in the future … but yeah. You know how it is with two kids under three.

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