I was up at 6:30 morning to relieve a very grumpy Tim from Daddy duty because Morella was up complaining about being hungry. This after she went to bed at 9 or something. On the bright side, I got Neeners down for an early nap and Morella is distracted with Sesame Street…so here are some pictures from the last week.

Here we have a class BEFORE picture. I tried to look as infomercial as possible.

And this is pretty much the best I can offer for an after shot. I am having issues with how a hair cut doesn’t always fix the rest of you. Wait, can I still claim “I just had a baby” factor? I also, I like Athena’s expression in this photo. We match.

Pretty much how it is to be Athena with Morella as her big sister.

My friend Lowen who helped me organize all of Morella and Athena’s toys. She really is good at that!

I found a baby bonnet I had gotten for Morella because babies in bonnets are incredibly cute. I put it on Athena for the afternoon. I think she’ll be too big for it by the time summer/spring is here.

Athena and her grandmother. She was not a happy baby when we were gone watching a movie. Neeners knows how to drag a party down.

Once again, Morella in action….

Tim and the girls

Morella insisted “Morella’s Turn” (a very fancy way of saying MINE! — which incidentally she learned because at play group and what not, when someone would take a toy she was playing with the parent always says “Let Morella have a turn….” or “It’s Morella’s turn with that toy.” ) She fit both of her chicken legs in one side. I think she looks like she really is in her office (which is what we used to call the exersaucer … as I am sure a billion of other people do as well).

Morella and Athena at my friend’s house.

My friend Rebekah just has a baby 12 days prior to this photo. Both baby and Mom look amazing and I wish I had a smattering of those genes.

Rebekah and Nova

Morella played with Rebekahs’ daughters toys while we were there. Here at home she only has one barbie — but I am almost positive that tide will change in the upcoming years.

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  1. Homemaker Man

    Great pics. The new do is you. The Before pic is comically grim. The girls are so adorable. I think Athena looks like her grandmother. Thanks for the nice words.

  2. Anonymous

    I love this array of pictures! Athena is so, so yummy, especially in her little bonnet. I'm reminded that I need to ask my mom about a couple of calico bonnets my sister and I wore when we were girls. Visions of Ruth toddling around in one at the Farmer's Market in summer…The picture of Tim with both girls is hilarious and frameable. Maybe he needs a copy at work, to remind him that sitting at a desk and dealing with grownup colleagues during the day isn't so bad!Look at Morella's piggytails! It's hard to style toddler hair, sin't it? Ruth loves her "piggies" but they always end up kind of random and disorderly. She doesn't mind.Athena looks so happy with her big sister, even when she's being tackled.-SECP

  3. Viv

    Your hair is very flattering, I really like it. Your daughter in that bonnet, oh my goodness…talk about one very beautiful baby!

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