Today is such a drab day. After weeks of beautiful spring like weather, today we have light rain/snow, complete with the dark shroud of grey. I feel like since it is lunch time, I should probable go and eat something, but I still have coffee that is making me feel full. Maybe I will venture out at 1.00 and do my double day lunch saver. Which means I pay the six bucks for the medium selection of catered food at the faculty and staff lounge, eat half and save the other half for lunch tomorrow. I wish I just worked closer to downtown Evanston. Without a bike or a ride, it takes 15 (walking fast) to 20 minutes to just walk over there in the area. So, 20 + 20 = 40, with only 20 minutes to actually BE there. Totally sucks.

I need to get a bike and ride it there. But I had the lack of bike paths from Chicago’s northside leading to Evanston. Two blocks before me, is where the wonderful path ends. So I am stuck going through shaddy neighborhoods or risking my life on LSD.

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