Yesterday we celebrated a coworker 20 years of dedicated service, and interestingly enough the decorations were EXACTLY like how we decorated it the day before the baby shower. The only difference being it was purple and white, and there was a huge poster with her face on it. The cake however, was the best darn cake I have ever had in my entire life. Wow. I took a piece home for Tim, but it got smooshed a little, and he seemed to not appreciate the magnitude of the taste.

Eric and Kate took us out to dinner (me? How did that work, I thought he was taking Tim out?? Am I now part of the Tim entity? Are we no longer our own seperate selves?) Well, in any case, I got a free dinner at the ex best place to have sushi (but has new management). It was okay, and if we didn’t have such great conversationalists at the table, I would have gotten angry. The fish was good, but didn’t stick to the rice enough. I almost needed a fork to scoop up the rice that kept falling. Plus, it seemed like we didn’t hang out with Eric and Kate entity one on one for awhile. They such fungi’s. 8) And Kate, that little secret you told me about oily hair? I tried it this morning, and I am STILL fucking amazed at how wonderful it is. So wonderful. I felt angry towards everyone for a few minutes there because no one had told me. It like the world’s best secret and I didn’t know until now. I told my coworker about it this morning, and she is going to try it tonight. I have you buy you dinner for this. Er. So why am I not telling the world? Because it is that good, and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. But it works. It does. You can email me if you want the secret ingredient.

I just sent Katie home because she was terrible sick. All week, and now she can’t talk today. Usually I am not so mean, but she did use all of her sick time, and is sometimes a little irresponsible…but she is sick. And it is Friday. I have had all day to write my novel…and have I? No. I have surfed, caught up on my usual web ventures, started my pomegranete, nibbling doritos, drinking hot cider, and trying to get hte gump to write. I am such a loser. Why did I sign myself up for this torture? [Because you can do it Laura!] Um. Okay.

Thank you to those that have RSVP’d early, and I still might have to disagree and say that the angel on the card does NOT look creepy. You guys are just a twisted bunch of individuals to see a angel doll and think creepy. But, I guess…at least it got your attention. 8)

[As you can tell, I am procrastining some more]

After dinner, Tim and I went home where every one of his family member’s called to wish him Happy Birthday, and catch up. Since he doesn’t talk with them all very often, he found something great news in each converstation. Sarah broke up with Luke. The dad and mom might have to move in January because an offer is being made on the church, the house and the school (they are thinking Janesville), they don’t want to do thanksgiving, the mom has super bad arthritis and is taking one heck of a cocktail of drugs..something she would never do. And Ben left a message, and when Tim called him back he wasn’t there. But I am SURE that if he had made it through, Ben would have had a bunch of juicy gossip to go with everything else. Phil didn’t call, but Ben would have given us and update on him, I’m sure. Then he played some more Mech, and I tried to write more, but ended up just talking with Jason. Then we decided to go the Lighthouse for a drink or two, and some smokes. Tim got his usual Blackberry Scnapps shot (that is what they do for birthdays…shots…) and we watched the History Channel: Spartacus followed by Snipers. Then home and into bed.

This weekend I will write 10K words! Okay, I am sure that realism will creep in there sometime and I have an accurate and pathetic count for you on Monday. Or tomorrow, when I procrastinate. I might make the House on the Rock adventure this weekend as a reward for writing two hundred words = 10 min of HOTR time….yeah. I like that system. I am excited for this “report”, but doing the invite was bad enough–even though it needed to be done. I also have to work on my promotion stuff. Ok. Time to get to work. Right after I got and buy some smokes. 8)

Crap. I just noticed some formatting problems on the friends pages…darn it all. You see? I am going to *have* to fix this when I get home. I can’t stand glaring mistakes like that.

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