Okay so in preparation for the big blog move I need a banner. I could sit down and make a really lame one with my geriatric, graphic skills or I could ask you guys to make one for me. I would probably display it, give credit and what else could I do get someone to do this for me? A could have a contest! Yeah! If I got three submissions, I could put it forth to a vote and then give the winner (or maybe even all three contenders) a prize! It would be something really cool too … like …. uh…. I could make you something native american-y. Yeah! Like maybe a pair of hand made moccasins for your kid, an awesome beaded keychain, a necklace, or beaded earrings…all hand made by the real deal.

Mission: Make a banner(s) for Wazika

Those are the 4 most common sizes for wordpress.
125×125 is generally in the side bar
300×300 is a side bar
250×250 is generally in the post toward the top
468×60 fits across the bottom or across the top of a post.

Submissions due by Feb. 23rd.
Email to hadjare at gmail.com

And of course, if I don’t get anyone willing to help a sister out, then I’ll just use the randomizer flicker plugin. Which, you know, is a total cop out.

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