Athena had her six month well baby today (dang it and is now crying as I started this post). She weighed 17 lbs and 14 oz and was 27 inches long — so my prediction of her being 18 was close…very close. OH hold on.

Morella is up now too…I love dual three hour nap days. I mean, sure I had resettle Athena who got FIVE shots today (two of which were flu shots) but it was okay. Just this quiet time for me does so much for my energy level. Anyway. Morella weighed in at 22 lbs and 8 oz and is 35 inches tall or 2 feet and 11 inches as it says on printout. I also got some information regarding night terrors versus nightmares which I haven’t read yet.

Poor Neeners. At least she has really chubby thighs for these shots compared to Morella’s little chicken noodle legs at the time.

Well, we are switching our internet provider tomorrow to ATT Uverse. Currently with TDS we are getting less than 2mb on a good day — more like 1 – 1.5. Pathetic. We have our fingers crossed that we’ll have faster internet by tomorrow, plus 230 digital channels, a free DVR and $300 gift card all for switching. You know it’s actually only 10 bucks more than we are playing for internet and phone right now and we we are going to be getting TV back? Also, we are dropping our land line. The only calls we ever get from it are telemarketers and bill collectors looking from Tim’s siblings, with the occasional reminder about a doctors appointment (which I can change online).

Oh and an update on Morella. This is now day three of “No Nonsense” and it’s working great. The first day for nap she raged a total of 8 minutes for nap, then 12 minutes for bedtime and then 18 minutes for the 2:30AM waking. The second day it was 2 minutes for nap, 15 minutes for bed time and 2 minutes for the 3:30AM waking. I have my fingers crossed for tonight but it’s also my single parenting night and I always feel at a disadvantage then because I can’t concentrate solely on Morella (especially tonight since I am sure to have a cranky Neeners). This is SO much better and Morella is better rested and not as crabby…everyone is winning.

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